Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fewer loose ends...

in which our plucky heroine considers the future...

My thoughts this year are to first of all find ways to build in ongoing referral to my year goals. I seem to be able to make things, to fix things and even to let go of things, but those activities do not necessarily get me closer to my overall life goals. As I continue to use the SMART goal logging format, which has served me well for several years now, I am going to also check in at the end of each month as to what progress I have made towards improving my life and the world around me...

I have in the past examined how my life is going in an eightfold direction, in an attempt to create more balance.
Last year I chose what seemed to me to be fairly modest goals of improvement. Despite that, I accomplished only a very very few of them. I did make progress on my wardrobe sewing, and am closer to my goal of enough clothing to allow me to do laundry once a week, and that I only need to sew replacements as things wear out (which they do if you have a small wardrobe).

And I did make significant progress on my decluttering, now in the 4th year of effort. My house is finally becoming less visibly cluttered. I am now wanting to start digging into the "inner clutter", the things inside cupboards, and on shelves, what my coach calls Level 2, the things that are not visible, but also not needed or used or loved. I am going to continue my efforts, continue logging my progress and look forward to what a difference it will continue to make. Every time I can easily find what I need, the effort of the last several years seems worthwhile.

But rather than go over all that I didn't manage to do in 2017, I intend to focus on what I hope to do in 2018 -
  • finish loose ends -there are an assortment of projects here, that I have promised others I would complete, and for various reasons the projects have languished unfinished. This is going to change, starting on January 1. I am going to finish all the outstanding commitments, working steadily every day. which will clear my head, make me feel more confident, and incidentally make friends and family a lot happier with me
  • compliments instead of complaints -  I think that one of my worst habits is complaining. It is a useless and annoying behavior. I do this in stores, when I am annoyed by things. I always apologise to the cashier, but then I do it again the next time. Only about stupid things that the poor cashier can't do anything about. It isn't their fault that the gorram transit system changed over to a crazy paid card system instead of sensible monthly passes, which so annoys me each time I have to go "reload" my transit pass. And there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the situation. So, my plan is to employ several strategies to remember to not complain, and instead to use my interactions to increase the general good by positive comments instead.
  • water instead of milk - I am not going to give up dairy; my breakfast museli will still be oats and fruit and nuts and milk, but at other times when I would normally drink milk as a beverage, I am going to drink water instead. My hope is that this change will help with my goal of a lighter and more nimble self by the end of 2018, with hopefully less pain and an increased ability to move about in the world.
  • food log - my intention is to simply write down what I am going to eat, before I eat it. Hopefully this will encourage me to notice when I am eating, and notice what I am eating, and make good choices about said food inputs. My goal is to get my weight lower than it has been; I would like to be on the other side of 200, where I have not been since prior to my surgery almost six years ago. Now that I have a phone with a brain, I can use the note taking function to do this, and not also have to carry an additional notebook
    • sewing goals -  I am going to complete SWAP 2018, and possibly some seasonal 6PAC sewing challenges. This will bring me up to almost all my desired garments. I need one or two more pinafores, four more popovers, four or five more cropped leggings, some rainwear, and possibly some slips/underdresses. I also will work out at least one or maybe two new TNT blouse patterns, and make a nice assortment of woven blouses, using the fabric on hand.
    • teach more often - Ideally I can offer to teach something at least once a month, if I don't offer, students will not just magically appear on my doorstep.
    • revamp website - I just need to begin this. Instead of talking about it. Figure out what the individual parts of the project are, and make time each month to move forward
    • housey-improvements - improve the chook habitat, including a new chicken house. Add another raised bed to the yard. Clear out the carport so it can be used as an outdoor room for workshops etc. Paint at least one room inside the house.
    • self-improvement - continue with exercise and acupuncture, to increase mobility and strength. Take time during the year to make artwork, both for personal enjoyment, and make at least three original charters in service to/for SCA. Attend the Creative Metal Arts Guild meetings every month.
    that is probably more than enough to get underway...


    1. That's a lot of stuff there Alsion ,all good and snesible, but try not to overload yourself and accomplish it in bits!

      1. I hope to spread the effort across all of 2018... after all, my motto is "Proficere lente sed proficere", or in English rather than Latin "incremental progress is still progress"! I have some various strategies I am going to implement to hopefully have a year where I spend less time getting in my own way, and more time getting things done.