Sunday, December 31, 2017

SMART goals 2017

in which our plucky heroine made some progress...

... and while not as much as hoped for, still more than nothing. Like the tee shirt said: "2016 sucked", but at the macro/political level, 2017 was much much worse. And my reaction to the chaos has been despair and immobility. There have been days when I could barely drag self through the minimal amount of actions needed to get through the day. Truly never have I felt so hopeless, even when I was struggling with cancer and depression. Keeping my monthly and year long log of what I managed to do despite all that has been a lifeline.

There was much that I wanted to accomplish this year that didn't happen. I start every year looking over what I did, thinking about what I hoped to do and be, and choosing goals to strive towards. There will be some of that happening today, has been happening all week, and I will write about it tomorrow. I have some ideas for new strategies to help myself out of the slough where I have no traction. And I am going to return to adding a line of gratitude every day, as part of my effort to turn my focus from despair to hope.

Today I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family. My online friends have truly shown me that they believe in me and value my presence. My friends, near and far, SCA or non, hold me in their thoughts and repeatedly kindly include me in their lives. And my family, however dispersed we may be, and however diverse, continue to find common ground and hold together our long history.  You all are my true lifeline in the bright world, and I wish for all of you a 2018 of creativity, connection, and lovingkindness.

SMART goals challenge 2017
1black/cream pinaforebrown pinafore hemexpired medicines
2toile knit pantsreframed charterpaper recycle
3patches for march
Wastekeep bidbag of papers
4salted lemonscharters on wallbag of papers
5Noro shawlettetop shelf clearedbag to Goodwill
6new chook rampEBT applicationbag to Goodwill
7grey pinafore bookcase tidybag to Goodwill
8two stencilstextile shelf tidybag to Powells
9black/cream knit topshadowbox tidy bag to Powells
10blue/grey knit topstripey cuffs mendedbag to Goodwill
11peg people playsetturtleneck re-edgedbag to Goodwill
12needlefelted sheepsweater buttonholebag to Goodwill
13seville marmaladegown neck repairbag to Goodwill
14mandarin dream jellycuff embroiderypaper recycle bin
15blood orange marmalademoved chook yardyard waste bin
16pottery buttonsplant green onions dead bike tires
17soap dishbike tubes and tiresyard waste bin
18painted bowlbike brakespaper recycle
19tiny flower holderclean chook housepaper recycle
203 enamels for Eframed woodblockbag to Goodwill
21Darylee overdressmend grey dressbag to Goodwill
22pickled beets and eggstaxes doneyard waste bin
23filigree center for Sside wall cupboardpaper recycle
24Laurel medallion for Sdrill press setupbag to Goodwill
25grey jersey pantsshelf moved/resizedbag to Goodwill
26brown trim bandsWIP shelf setupyard waste bin
27brown jersey pants2 shoplights addedbag to Goodwill
28calligraphy for scroll surge protecter upbag to Goodwill
29planter boxdoor for cupboardbag to Goodwill
30Thora hat coneloom weights recycle bin
31illuminated scrollsakura embroidery bag to Goodwill
32bears with hammerssupports for peasbag to Goodwill
3320 enamels Wastekeeprepair bathing suitbundle of wood
34tiny peach enamelapron dress mendbag to Goodwill
35tiny linen bagworkbench refurbishbag to Goodwill
36octopus rattle left closet clearedbag to Goodwill
37rainbow bootiespruned sagebag to Goodwill
38mirror collageclean 4 box fansbag to Goodwill
39rainbow baby hatbuttons sewn onwool fleece box
40cloudlight paper towel holderyard waste bin
41dark pelican enameldeclutter workroomrecycle bin
42tweedledee ponchodeclutter workroomfreezer mysteries
43color wheelsstanding workbenchyard waste bin
44charter paintingtreerat mesh clochewood scraps
45Jen paisley pinaforerepot lg spider plantbag to Goodwill
46new backdoor tablepinafore mended bag to Goodwill
47fig cottage syrupU-lock loosenedbag to Goodwill
48puzzle ball toysterret scribebag to Goodwill
49laser cut namedestem elderberriesbag to Goodwill
50laser cut horsestreerat cloche #2bag to Goodwill
51braided knit ball toyplant green onionsyard waste bin
525 inktober drawingswheelbarrow tirepaper recycing
534 inktober drawingsstudio wall patchedbox of magazines
543 inktober drawingsstudio shelf sides
556 inktober drawingsgarlic planted
56laser cut wreathworm bin refreshed
57felt padding for Wframed frogsong
58silk layer for Wbackdoor latch
593 tiny angle bagsblackhorse earrings
60Kestrel Viking hatframed old photo

overflow SMART goals!!!
61 sekrit needlebookrice bags recovered -
62 turquoise heart pendant - -
63 cranberry ketchup - -
64 2nd original scroll - -
65 otterface needlebook - -
66 black corduroy pinafore - -
- -
- -
- -
- -


  1. Alison, that's a very long "done" list! Happy New Year to you! I also hope for better polito-social times this year, but I'll try to make my own!

    1. Thank you Cherie... Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Wow some truly fantastic achievements this year, wonderful work Alison. Happy New year 2018 from Ruthie in UK.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Ruthie! Wishing all of us a year filled with creativity, in these times of changes large and small, the work of our hands is a pathway of hope