Monday, January 1, 2018

a misty moisty morning...

in which our plucky heroine wakes up to a foggy day...

Welcoming the lifting of the mists to a brighter day, may that be a sign and a signal for the year to come...

In addition to my previously stated goals and aspirations for the year to come, I am participating in three different year long challenges, all three of which are more about consistency than about difficulty

temperature record artifact
My online pal Cricket asked if anyone on her friends list wanted to join in a year long challenge to record the local temperature in a visual artifact. This is most often done as a knitted or crocheted afghan or scarf, but as I have no need of such, I was initially not inclined to participate. However, on my last bike ride of 2017, I got the brilliant idea to make a strand of beads/etc that is color coded by temperatures ranges. Beads can be made from fabric, in the same way that medieval cloth buttons were made. I certainly have enough fabric, and in the end will have a series of beads color coordinated with my actual wardrobe.
°F color
under 20cream
20 - 30 tan
30 - 40 lt grey
40 - 50 lt blue
50 - 60 brown
60 - 70 indigo
70 - 80dk indigo
80 - 90 dk grey
90 - 100 black
over 100 ???

RTW fast
My online friend Ruthie shared the link to the large online challenge hosted by Goodbye Valentino, a year long ready-to-wear fast. This appealed to me not for the challenge of "not shopping for clothing" which has been part of my lifestyle for a number of years now, but rather for observing what others are doing, and, I will admit, because there is the chance of being randomly selected for some probably awesome prizes, given the sponsors of the challenge

Historical Sew Monthly
I have never managed to participate in this year challenge before, and, while I am not necessarily planning on doing all the months, I am taking it as some extra encouragement for my "refurbish and replenish my current SCA wardrobe" project. Many of my SCA clothes are either pretty intensely worn, or no longer fit. Many of them are close to 20 years old, and I have better knowledge now about what is theoretically feasible.

This is the challenge for January:
Mend, Reshape, Refashion: Mend or re-shape one of your previously made historical clothing items, or refashion a new one out of something not originally intended as sewing fabric.

I think that I might attempt to re-make my elevation gown. It has some lovely, if not particularly historic surface decoration: foliage embroidery on the cuffs and sleeves, and neckline, and some bands of amber stitched to embroidery. Because it has personal significance to me, I would like to keep these embellishments, and either alter this gown to fit my current shape, or if necessary, make a new one.

If this seems like too great a stretch for a month already begun, I do have some very lightweight linen gauzy curtains, which are intended for a Roman underdress to wear (with the appropriate overdress) at some of the excessively warm summer camping events. This would also both fill a definite SCA wardrobe need, meet the January challenge, and still allow me plenty of time for my needful work and my SWAP sewing.

Today I am grateful for the lovely gift of a small kit for raised gilding, from my friend Ursul. This will allow me to learn some new scribal arts skills, and is a sign pointing in the direction of "do more", and congruent with my previously mentioned goal of at least three original scrolls in 2018, and also to do some artwork just because...

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