Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday snippets

in which our plucky heroine makes a good lunch...

you'll just have to imagine it, even more than is usual, since there will be no photos til the new phone arrives. I cooked up the last of the bavette steak pieces (neatly cut against the grain into small paillons), and some kasha from the pantry, and steamed some of the green beans I froze months ago. It felt like a lunch for a functional adult, as well as being a Very Tasty Splurge indeed. I rarely have beef, but when the conjunction of Heather here shopping for me, and the meat counter having bavette steak, I indulge. I had four meals from that half pound, not including the deglazed pan drippings that go into the stock container in the freezer.

made some good progress on the cloak for Kestrel, just need to find something suitable for edge binding. I also started on my new fractal cardigan knitting, after deciding that I could simply use the colorwork charts from Mandlebrot, but do the gauge and sizing on my own. I began the first cuff, starting with an i-cord ring of the correct number of stitches, then picking up and knitting the 2K1P ribbing... I made it to the beginning of the colorwork cuff patterning, and had to review how color dominance in stranded knitting works. I shall also need to review two handed colorwork, though I suspect my difficulty is combining ribbing with colorwork, fortunately only two rows. (when it is time to knit the yoke, though, there will be rather a lot of three color rows, but the beautiful design is worth it.

no new news about Mom; there will be a zoom meeting tomorrow where we can all see one another and it will be obvious what her physical status is. We had a long family zoom today.

today's gratitude - I realised that I can phone my local friends using my land line.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

impatient interlude

in which our plucky heroine is beset with tech woes...

My mobile phone has been behaving extremely oddly (though still mostly useable), and given how old it is, and that we attempted to replace it last month, is not surprising. So it was with great delight that I greeted the news that a new phone would be my belated birthday gift. Then yesterday the laptop also died.

I spent a big chunk of yesterday, when not dealing with family things, attempting with the advice of various tech-knowledgable friends to ressucitate my connectivity devices. No joy. And then in the afternoon, after taking my mobile phone from its Otterbox to clean it, I dropped it on the concrete floor.

There was only a tiny crack no more than 4mm long in one corner, but over the rest of the day what started as a line and a faint pale blue blur gradually developed into what looked like a petri dish of germ cultures in black and dark blue blotches. Wishfully I plugged it in to recharge overnight, but in the morning the entire screen was dark blue and black, and all the controls are not visible.

I am currently limited to using the Terrible Tablet (and quite thankful to have it, mind) which means no photos can be posted, though at least I have figured out how to access my blog and the interenets (albeit in a rather cumbersome and inconvenient fashion)

todays gratitude - my friends and family love me. The new mobile phone should arrive sometime next week. And later last night there was a phone call with the promise of a laptop!

also very very grateful that I have a land line phone as well as mobile, so that important messages and contacts can still be maintained

Thursday, January 14, 2021

time keeps on slipping into the future

in which our plucky heroine keeps hanging on...

nothing much has changed since yesterday, my sleep is disrupted by nightmares and my daytime is full of phone calls. I took a break midday to go outside and walk in the warm-ish 60F sunshine, and took some breaks to do a little hand stitchery.

I am wondering if my phone is dying the final death? It is behaving weirdly indeed, and when I turn it on, it goes through the start up sequence, tells me I have a new voice mail (which I do not, since I listened to all of them and deleted them earlier today), sometimes lets me swipe it to open the screen, but if I click on the phone icon, it shuts down, or if I click on the internet icon it shuts down. Battery is at 100%, but each shut down uses at least 10% of the charge? I tried turning the phone completely off for an hour and restarting it, but no change in the weird behavior. I am not amused. (and I am glad that unlike many folks, Acorn Cottage has a functional land line phone as well)

"Star light up above,
take care of everything I love;
tell me that I'm big enough,
to face whatever comes...
Star light starshine,
tell me everything's just fine;
and the world is turning - right - on - time,
morning always comes.


~ 100 day creativity challenge - day xx ~

So, back in 2017, I made a baby hat for the child of dear friends, and as babies do she outgrew it, and outgrew the larger hat I made even before it made it up to where she lives! Now I am taking the embroidered panels and using them to decorate the neckline of a melton cloth wool cloak (child sized) in the hope that it will fit her and keep her warm for a number of years to come.

I have made wool cloaks for other beloved children in our circle, including the one made decades ago that I made for Young Heather, which made the rounds of families here until it somehow found it's way back to me just in time to be passed on, after a bit of refurbishment, to Heather's child. I may not be able to be there, and I miss seeing how the little ones are growing and learning, but in this way my caring will reach them in time and down through time...


January SMART goals (x=extra)
1 postcard for Mom
cardigan mended
excess dust rhinos
2 candied grapefruit peel
replace nose pads
recycle bin
3 beaded stars
replace wall hook
4 miniature quilt
5 -
- -
6 x
x x
7 x
x x
8 x
x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - at least some of the tech here in the house still works... hence I can continue to post to the blog, and message my friends