Thursday, January 17, 2019

snoozing on the shoals of Sleeve Island

In which our plucky heroine is still sick...

Welcome to my tiny world. Last night was not great. There was assorted types of being sick. There was a very odd dream about being at a festival that was taking place at rest areas along the beach, with a lot of mud, and trying to find a safe place to set up a popup tent. It was good to wake up, even if today will consist of more drinking broth and sleeping, interspersed with short periods of knitting.

Very gradual progress is being made on the sleeves for my Solbein cardigan. I decided that I am not terribly fond of doing three color colorwork patterns on double pointed needles, though it may have been complicated by my feeling less than my usual functional self. After all, knitting is rather my lowest default behavior, even before cooking.(I learned this during my cancer recovery, observing which activities returned in what order) Nonetheless, the first sleeve is about halfway done, and I have been able to switch to the shortest of my interchangeable circular needles, and am zooming onward. This small bit of cleverness from the Philosophers Wool book is the easiest way ever to keep track of repeating increases or decreases. Rather like a stitch marker, the strand of loops gets placed at the beginning of the round, and by moving which loop is caught it is a visual indicator of where/when to increase

With nothing to do but doze and daydream (well really I have lots that I ought be doing, but that isn't happening and will all have to be caught up later) my thoughts turn back to wardrobe planning, which is a Useful Sort of Daydreaming... It occurred to me that rather than using my denim pinafore as my "already sewn" SWAP garment, I could use the Alabama Chanin style cardigan that was my only completed object from last years SWAP. It has all the neutral colors in my wardrobe combined together. This would, of course, entail possibly making a second pinafore instead to substitute for the "previously sewn" denim pinafore. Looking at the fabric resource shelves, there is enough textured indigo/black linen, originally intended for either a jacket or an SCA garment, which would be delightful as a pinafore.

SWAP components revised:
1. jacket - Alabama Chanin style brown/indigo/black cardigan (previously sewn)
2. pinafore - indigo/black linen waffle weave
3. pinafore - brown corduroy
4. dress - everyday dress indigo pinstripe cotton/linen
5. dress - popover dress indigo marble batik rayon
6. blouse - brown/white linen oxford cloth (sewn before December 26)
7. blouse - cream/brown mushroom print cotton
8. blouse - indigo/black floral cotton lawn
9. blouse - blue/brown/multicolor floral cotton lawn
10. knit top - taupe/teal/multicolor feathers print cotton lycra
11. leggings - brown cotton jersey

My prize for the intermediate/advanced Pre SWAP dress challenge is a gift certificate, which will help pay for a fabric treat. I am going to get a blouse length of this beautiful floral print in indigo/black, that reminds me very much of the Marimekko fabrics that were so popular when I was in secondary school. It will, of course, become a blouse for part of my SWAP 2019. I tried yesterday to make a rough digital sketch of the concept, which while it gives a vague impression, mostly serves to point out that sick Indigotiger shouldn't drive computers!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

knitting while ill

in which our plucky heroine takes a sick day...

Gah. I don't seem to be able to attend an SCA hotel event without getting sick. Woke up this morning with what may be a cold. Hope this is just a minor respiratory/cold glitch, and am going to spend today resting, and ingesting hot soup with garlic, in the hope of nipping it in the bud. Not sure if it is the crowds, the toxic air and cleaning products, or the number of already sick people who decided to go to the event and expose others to their special germs. The person sitting behind me on Saturday was coughing, and told me not to worry because they were on antibiotics for pneumonia! Seriously, if you have pneumonia, stay home and don't expose others, even if you are on meds... (I got up and moved to the other side of the hall; I've had pneumonia three times, and really don't want to get it again! The last time it took me out for several months before I could do anything.)

Broth with a pot sticker in it for breakfast, then back to sleep. Got up, made self healthy healing lunch: More broth (with garlic and ginger sliced into it, the tiny amount of leftover potsticker filling, and some chopped asian greens from the salad table, drizzled with a bit of hot sauce and sesame oil) Side dish of a big spoonful of beet sauerkraut for extra probiotics. Next a hot shower and back to bed... I really don't want to be sick, but I feel like crap. Woke up several hours later, and did a bit of knitting on my Solbein cardigan, starting on the colorwork around the sleeve cuffs. Not much in the way of mental bandwidth when even knitting is difficult.
Knitting my Solbein cardigan bottom up instead of top down, for reasons already posted. Starting on the sleeves, as I finished the body section this weekend. I also learned and am using the tubular cast-on for the ribbing edge. I'm loving the look and feel of the yarn, and how the colorwork is starting to appear. Not so much enjoyment of the three color rows, as I can't figure out any graceful way to handle three strands. (For rows with two colors I can do two handed knitting and hold one in each hand) The finished sweater will definitely be worth the effort. I am rather astounded at how many folks have already completed their cardigans in just two weeks. I never thought I was a slow knitter!

today's gratitude - being able to stay home and rest when I am sick

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

regalia retrospective

in which our plucky heroine gathers some images...

"Regalia is jewelry and objects, often decorated with certain emblems, symbols and insignia, which indicate royalty, holding a particular office, or membership in a specific group. The Society for Creative Anachronism, a historic re-creation group that I am a member of, has specific regalia and awards, as do other groups and organizations."

Sometimes people ask me about what I do, and sometimes those people want to have me make regalia for them. I have made a few coronets, but mostly I make pendants and brooches. (pendant designs can be made as brooches and vice-versa) It seemed useful to gather together images of some of the work I have done over the last twelve years in one place:
coronets above, pendants and brooches below