Sunday, August 20, 2017

scavenger hunt Sunday

in which our plucky heroine makes progress...
my pal Randal organised "The Epic Photo Scavenger Hunt", as an online challenge between August 1st and October 31st. There are 67 items on the list, I had six the first week, and the second week added another ten... this week I added another five:
3. something chromed
while my sister was visiting last weekend, we indulged in a trip to 50 Licks, which is my choice for the best ice cream anywhere. (and much better than the oft cited Salt and Straw; when it comes to ice cream, I prefer tasty to quirky) Fortunately the shop is on the far side of the city, and so not a frequent treat. I had never been there on a Saturday night, and there was quite a line, and while we were waiting for our turn at the counter, I saw this vintage soda fountain mixer on the shelves as a decoration...

16. a mackerel
Homage to Andy Warhol, found on the shelves of Uwajimaya.

22. something brass
My sister wanted to visit Pittock Mansion, the big old early 20th C historical house and park on the top of the West Hills, which I had never visited either...

41. water droplets
This was my second attempt. Last Sunday there was a tiny bit of rain during the night, and when I walked out to do chook chores in the morning, these echos of the lovely coolness, dappling the ferns and caught in the spiderwebs were just so perfect an illustration of "water droplets"!

My first try at "water droplets", with the condensation on a glass of ice water on my nightstand, catching the reflections from around the room.

51. a phone booth
I am enjoying how participating in this photo challenge has a way of encouraging me to look more carefully at my surroundings. Somehow I had not noticed until now that most of the MAX stations still have a pay phone. This one is near the stop just north of my local library.

So, have now located 21 of the 67 items on the list, but of course am picking all the low hanging fruit first... Some of the other items will be interesting to stage, or involve additional fun field trips, but other items will be a great challenge if even possible. Some involve learning a few new photography techniques, and others will require me to simply be lucky...


  1. It is fascinating to watch your finding items on the scavenger hunt list. It vividly shows how you are looking "more carefully at" your surroundings. I can't imagine anyone finding more compelling images.

  2. Love your photos! Thanks for the tip on 50 Licks. I note, with relief, that it's 14 miles from me and involves crossing the river, so added complications of routing ;-) Guess I'll stick to the occasional pint of Tillamook ice cream for now!