Sunday, August 6, 2017

scavenger hunt Sunday

in which our plucky heroine has fun...

A friend organised "The Epic Photo Scavenger Hunt", which will take place between August 1st and October 31st, as an amusing way to share images and learn more about how to use our cameras, and to comment in ways that may help us to become better at photography. A camera or at very least my clever phone is part of my EDC, and it occurred to me that the images could be shared here on the blog, as well. There are 67 items on the list, so getting started right away seems like a good plan. So far I have six:

10. a barn
August 2 2017. While I forgot my digital camera, as well as several other desired things, when I left Portland very early Wednesday last week to escape the worst of the heat wave, I did have my phone with me... and attempted to catch several of the barns visible from the train heading north to Olympia. This image was my most successful.

21. a closeup of an insect
August 6 2017. a Grey Hairstreak (Strymon melinus) feeding on wild mint nectar. I was actually in the driveway attempting to photograph the many different species of bees also enjoying the mint nectar, and then noticed this wee grey butterfly that was moving quietly along one horizontal blossom spike.

28. a passenger train
August 4 2017 - one of the passenger platforms at Union Station in Portland, Coast Starlight on the left, Amtrak Cascades on the right. I happened to unexpectedly take a train trip up to Olympia this past week, and on my return to Portland the very chiaroscuro lighting on the platform caught my attention when we returned...

30. a team mascot
August 2 2017. OMNIA EXTARES! This is a beautifully artistic interpretation of the mascot of my alma mater (The Evergreen State College), our native geoduck. We even have a fight song "Go Geoducks Go"

37. a pet
August 2 2017. Toshi, canine guardian of the Mud Bay folks, paw in hand with Maeva... because Toshi, although very photogenic, is averse to having his picture taken, I decided to go with the more conceptual image, to illustrate his connection to the people he loves.

64. P is for... pea vines
August 2 2017. Also for peascods, and peasblossoms, in the backyard at the Mud Bay House. (we get to choose what "P" is for, and I thought these beautiful enough to be worth sharing)


  1. These shots are lovely, Alison. I particularly like the one in Union Station. Hope you found cooler climes - good idea to 'get outta town'!

  2. Thank you Joyce... it was a little bit cooler in Olympia, as they are actually on Puget Sound, unlike Portland which is further inland, plus my dear Blue Cedar House pals have A/C. And getting to visit my oldest friend Sharon, see her garden, and my beloved Mud Bay pals and all the changes they have made in their homeplace, and escape the 106F heat here in Portland was a real and rare treat.