Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine attempts to return to functional...

The excess heat here continues, though the terrible smoky air from BC has dissapated, and the temperatures are only about ten degrees above average, instead of close to twenty... I still find it necessary to hide indoors most of the day, and to sleep all afternoon, in the worst of the heat. This has played hob with my productivity. Since my little sister is coming to visit, there are a some housey chores I want to be done with prior to her arrival, both maintenance and some quite a bit of additional decluttering.

Almost finished BSJ baby sweater. I just found the appropriate buttons in my button box this afternoon. Alternating teal and kelly green seem to add to the rainbow factor and yet also contrast enough with the button band to show up well, unlike my first choice of bright red... Still need to stitch the seams, sew on the buttons and stabilise the neckline edge. Am quite pleased with how the two different rainbow yarns worked together in harmony:


My SMART goal list is getting a bit out of balance, as I seem to be putting more attention this year into making new things (which is good as it mostly uses up stashed supplies) and less into the continuing necessity to keep on decluttering. As I gradually get spaces into the kind of tidy order that makes it easy for me to function, I also keep uncovering inner layers of things that need sorted, organised, or given away. Hopefully in August, along with the many important projects that need to happen, I will fill many grocery sacks of stuff and supplies that can go to new homes via Goodwill or SCRAP.

That said, the ongoing if intermittent efforts over the last several years are really finally making a difference, everyone that visits mentions how nice the house looks, and in some aspects, I can see that too, and can also now begin to find things more easily. It is a challenge being a maker, and finding the balance between "I can do something interesting with that" and needing to keep my space cleared for actually doing stuff

August SMART goals (x=extra)
1 - --
2 - --
3 x x -
4 x x -
5 xx -
6 x x -
7 x x -
8 x x -
9 x x -
10 x x -
11 x x x
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15 x x x


  1. I absolutely LOVE the rainbow cardigan. it is full of joy in a way that has so many possibilities. "Here little baby all the options are ahead of you! You can be anyone, do anything."
    It is great to get the feedback that others can see that the efforts you have made (on a minimal budget and with limited help) to make your own space less cluttered and more useful and beautiful are visible to others. As another maker I completely understand the challenge with resources and equipment, mine is mainly sewing and a few other crafty hobbies.

    1. Aww Ruthie, thank you for your compliments on the baby sweater... given the household that the child is coming to live with, that is exactly the approach the adults will be aiming for.

  2. I agree with Ruthie: that sweater is full of joy and expressive of possibilities in life.

    I agree decluttering is a challenging on-going effort for many of us who engage in creative arts. I like to see decorated rooms but always think, "But what do you DO in there?" Most decorated rooms accommodate conversation or reading but little else. That's not enough in my book.

    1. I really wish that there was more actually useful information out there for ways for makers to organise their spaces to be both beautiful AND useful. For those of us who do not live at the level of Martha Stewart and others with deep pockets.

  3. Ah, the old question: keep it or find it a new home. If I can envision a use for a craft material I find it next to impossible to get rid of it. My grandkids have even become used to asking granny for something they need for a project and expecting me to pull it out immediately! However I'm starting to realize there are things I will never get around to. Now what to do with it all? Especially the stuff that is actually worth good money like my bead stash. Your efforts are inspiring me, Alison!

    Very sweet sweater! Baby Surprise pleases again.

    1. It is a true challenge... I could totally fill my wee cottage with "I could use this somehow" stuff, and indeed, the initial luxury of actually having more than a single room led me in that direction for several many years. Now I am going in the other direction, for while my years are hopefully not near the end, they are finite. I have decided that I have a number of specific types of activity that I want to continue pursuing right now (for myself and/or for others, and/or for income work). Sewing and textile embellishment. Metalworking and enameling. Scribal arts. Supplies for other crafts I am not really doing now can be passed along to others, so that eventually I will have space to actually do things, and supplies and tools well organised enough to find them. It is very slow going, I have been beavering away at this declutter and organise project for almost four years now.

      This is my very first BSJ sweater, but will probably not be my last. There are so very few children among my circle; Kestrel will be a very precious addition