Sunday, August 13, 2017

scavenger hunt Sunday

in which our plucky heroine makes progress...
my pal Randal organised "The Epic Photo Scavenger Hunt", as an online challenge between August 1st and October 31st. There are 67 items on the list, I had six last week, and this week added another ten:
5. a closeup of a flower
August 7 2017. Today at Trader Joes there were a lot of interesting flowers, and this phalaenopsis orchid seemed particularly sculptural.

12. a picture with bokeh
August 7, 2017. While I was initially aiming for "a silhouette", the bee did not cooperate. The unusual flowers (Echinops ritro) were very eye catching.

19. an architectural detail
August 7, 2017. I am terribly fond of this tree house. The roof is arched corrugated fiberglass, and the walls are cedar shingles. The best part, in my opinion, is the way the builder cut the shingles to echo the handbuilt window frame. I feel that the reflections in the window definitely add to the story, making it more obvious that it is a tree house.

29. something orange
August 11 2017. Hydrant framing bikeshare bicycles...

31. the sun
August 2 2017. The road down to Mud Bay from Olympia heads almost due west, and the sky, filled with smokey haze from the fires, turned the sky orange and the sun into a faint bright spot caught in the power lines. I rather like the way that the blue tint to the upper windshield encloses the top edge of the image

40. a unicorn
this piƱata caught my eye as I was riding the bus home... I find it really difficult to photograph things behind plate glass, without the reflections getting in the way. Sometimes reflections can add to the image, but in this case I moved into the doorway and brought the camera as close to the glass as I could manage. this was not the unicorn I had intended to photograph, but it is the unicorn that showed up...

49. a horse
August 8, 2017. I realised that the carved paper towel holder I was finally getting around to putting up on the wall would be a bit outside the box subject for "a horse"... I carved the horse head paper towel holder years ago, and inlaid the eye with shell.

What I learned taking this photo is that it is really helpful to be able to choose which direction or directions the light is coming from. I experimented with my three different shop lights to see which combination brought out the carving without washing out the image

53. an interesting sign
August 6 2017. Night streetscape, with classic vintage neon sign. I see this every time I ride my bike to go grocery shopping. Had a hard time deciding if it was a cityscape, a street scene, a photo with bokeh, or an interesting sign... decided that the neon sign was the most interesting specific thing, but the other aspects give it a context. I had originally tried to photgraph the moon tangled in the overhead wires. I am pleased with how the lines and angles of the street, sidewalk, and lit Max train all move the eye towards the neon sign, and how all the lights are fuzzy, glowing in the muggy summer air.

57. a high angle picture
August 10, 2017. I rarely ever go into Pioneer Place downtown, not having much use at all for the consumer goods acquired at malls, but since I was passing by there anyway this morning, it occurred to me that escalators and a big open courtyard could be interesting...

58. a low angle picture
August 7 2017. Waiting for the #19 bus, which was running late, I took advantage of the wait to scamper across the traffic circle for a closer look at Joan of Arc. The angle really clarifies the advantage horse soldiers had over foot soldiers!

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