Wednesday, December 25, 2013

custom pet portrait in felt and wool

Before the holiday, but after my kitty face needlebooks were up for adoption, I was asked about doing a custom portrait of this dapper chap, intended as a sachet and ornament... I couldn't show the finished piece, as it was a surprise gift, but I did mention it briefly in this post on brindle brindle brindle

My initial sketch of the front of ornament: about 3 1/3 wide, base layers of felt brown and black, with wispy black needlefelted wool overlay on the brown to simulate brindle color, embroidered mouth and nose, button eyes

back of ornament brown with embroidered curly tail on overlaid pocket to hold potpourri...

Ears and tail finished, layers stitched together... all he needs is an ornament hanger...

and... the rear view... curly tail and a pocket for a potpourri sachet

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