Tuesday, December 10, 2013

brindle brindle brindle

...'tis one of our plucky heroine's very favorite colorways for critters...

While cannot show the entire piece yet, (as it is a commissioned holiday surprise gift for someone), these ears and forehead show how by using needlefelting techniques, was able to get this sort of detailing on a needle book, intended to represent the brindle fur of a beloved pet... am thinking that it would also work well for tiger stripes!

(I love making things for folks that they cannot find elsewhere, and custom needlebooks, or holiday ornaments are a nice way to both support your local artist and give someone a special treat - prices start at $35)


  1. That one is going to be very very cute!! Someone out there is going to be happy when she gets it!

  2. I'm pretty chuffed at how this one turned out, really reflects the original pet photo...