Sunday, December 1, 2013

the adoptable needle-book crittters

They're felt, they're fun, and they're following our plucky heroine all over the house... it's the cat face needle-book clan! (a whole collection of cats that are looking for homes, maybe one can live in your sewing basket - available for adoption for a $25 donation have all been adopted) They're all hand stitched and hand embroidered wool felt and felted wool.

marmalade orange tabby adopted by Mr B

sweet Siamese reserved for M

traditional tuxedo cat reserved for LC

patchy calico SOLD

my favorite, the grey tabby reserved for LC

respectable orange tuxedo cat SOLD

fawn pug face needle book, has a twin sibling, and both are available for adoption -
I suspect part of his worried look is that he is SURROUNDED BY CATS

all the cat face needle books have a small jingle bell as a button closure,
instead of the snap closure on the pugs and other custom heraldic needle books

a rather foreshortened view inside the siamese needle book,
showing the inner book layers, where the needles can be stored

I also make custom designs, either heraldic or whimsical, or a portrait of of your particular pet, as needle-books or holiday ornaments all stitched by hand with hand embroidered details. Prices start at $35 and go up if the design complexity requires it... This is an example of a heraldic design in process, the embroidery and applique are done, it needs to be applied to the outer shell of a needlbook and the interior constructed and finished:

actual piece is about the size of a business card...


  1. They don't look like they eat much. I'd like to adopt two - the grey tabby and the tuxedo cat. Truly the tuxedo cat is going to be adopted by another person she just doesn't know it yet! I'll send you a msg on Sewing Guild!

  2. I trust that you and your friend will find them to be the most polite and quiet companions! I've marked then as being reserved for you...

  3. Thanks!!! I'll put a check in the mail. Yes, they look like very well brought up kitties.

  4. Alison, these are adorable! I'm constantly amazed at your inventiveness. I find it difficult to think of new ideas and admire your creativity. The embroidery is beautiful also! You're a talented one! :)

  5. Thanks everyone for the kudos... I had fun making these, I use mine, which is several years old at this point, every time I sew