Monday, December 2, 2013

not christmas stockings

Our plucky heroine must needs wear compression stockings for the rest of my livelong days to control the lymphedema in my legs, ever since cancer surgery in 2012, which included removing a sample of lymph nodes (fortunately clear of cancer). Am quite consistent in that daily wear, all day every day, but have been sad to have to give up ever wearing fun legwear again; grateful that at least there are plain dark colors instead of "white" or even worse "flesh-tone"

Well, this week there was an unexpected parcel in the mailbox from my dear friends Ariadne and Maeva, and inside were these lovely teal stripey merino blend compression socks:

and these amazingly vivid thin nylon printed socks:
(and two other pairs of nylon printed socks, a navy on blue lace design, and some black on white circles that remind me of tentacles...) Girl just could not stop smiling, they were both comfortable and so pretty compared to my plain black socks.

The additional goodness is that the socks all fit properly on my rather short legs, which is often a challenge - this means that there can be future orders made for other fun wooly patterns like zigzags, or polkadots, from a company that is making the socks right here in the USA, and is being thoughtful about both their workers and about the farmers that grow the wool they use.  The nylon socks are more delicate being more like regular nylon hose, but the various printed patterning is just so delightful that I will be saving these pairs to wear for special occasions.

Even better is to find out that the wooly ones are available locally at the former favorite special treat shopping store "Sock Dreams", and that both sorts of fun footgear are available in various places online. Seems that there are manufacturers noticing a niche in the marketplace that had not been being filled, or maybe it is just another case of boomers get old... Either way, I call it a win!!


  1. They dont look so bad to me. bless you x

    1. that is what I was so excited about, that these are fun and colorful socks, that are also graduated compression socks, and that my dear friends remembered that I was wishing I could wear pretty socks like them... Thank you for your blessing, and may the holiday season bring you warmth and light...