Sunday, December 1, 2013

ManyHands Marketplace post-sale review

Well... suppose they gave a sale and hardy anyone came? I suspect that moving the sale date to the middle of a holiday weekend might not have been as good an idea as it initially seemed, but as it was the only day between now and 12th Night that my friends were not already committed for another event, it would have to do. Most of the folks I know were out of town for the weekend. Shannon, friend of my dear pal Rois, probably did the best in terms of sales and of folks she invited showing up here. Vandy and Stacy seemed to have at least some interest in their gorgeous craftwork, and I saw several of their pieces in the happy hands of holiday visitors.

I would have been a bit happier if I'd actually sold anything at all - need to either figure out more effective trinket level things to sell, come up with some sort of appealing mid-range artistry or give up on this sort of thing altogether. I do better with custom work than on spec, have always had a hard time figuring out potentially salable artifacts, particularly things that can be made quickly... if it takes me four or five hours to make, even if I price my time at less than minumum wage it is still too dear for anyone to want to buy, then my artifacts are not suitable for the marketplace.

Suggestions for next year, (as we tore down the sales area so it could go back to being the living space here at Acorn Cottage)... have a sale just after the middle of November, and possibly just after the middle of December so as to coincide with folks paydays; have an invitation only sale, and an open sale; have one SCA suitable sale and one modern sale... there was discussion about having a pyjama party with alcohol as well as crafts for sale (I suspect I am not the target demographic).

One thing to remember (for next year) is to use the front window for ornaments for sale as opposed to just for holiday decorations - everyone asks about buying the holiday decorations, but the one time I was tempted to actually sell one, the lady was horrified at the price. Seriously, this is not the garage sale/moving sale/breakup sale that the first person here thought it was... what part of "4 Local Artists" and "handmade crafts" were not understandable? and no, you cannot buy the books from the bookcase either, I am actually rather fond of them!


  1. As my Birmingham team likes to say, measure, rinse, repeat. We can try some new things next year. :)

    1. keep on keeping on, trying new things, both for how and when and where to run the sale and for what to make to sell to folks