Monday, August 13, 2012

autumn 6PAC - BadGirl t-shirt

This weekend our plucky heroine managed to complete the BadGirl t-shirt, 1 of 6 in the autumn 6PAC... While I realise that at first glance this does not look anything other than ordinary, there are subtle things that please me very much.

About eight years ago I devoted a whole summer of sewing to work out a pattern for a knit top that would suit my style and figure. With my extraordinarily narrow shoulders, and ample girlish curves, and not a lot of vertical distance between the two, standard t-shirts tend to look rather sack-like. A raglan sleeve eases the whole shoulder placement issue. Princess seams just look better to my eye than adding in substantial darts for shaping, in knit fabric at least. For this shirt, I also added some width to the sleeves, looser sleeves are cooler in the summertime, and will allow layering another shirt underneath in cooler weather.

While I do not have the figure I did in my twenties, it is nice to have t-shirts that do show what curvy shape I still have (I know, hard to see in black on black). The neckline is neither too snug or too wide; if I'd not been constrained by saving the graphic, I'd have lowered the center front by about two inches for slightly better visual balance. The handstitched reverse seams add an interesting detail, and the brown thread will pick up the color of the brown brushed twill that is slated for future sewing (outdoor vest, and possibly either a jumper or trousers, or both)

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  1. Indigo, I have embarked on a journey to build the perfect tunic top pattern to fit me. I am encouraged by your whole summer of sewing to get a tshirt that fits well and suits you. I too have the ample rounded shape of a well-nourished woman with very forward narrow shoulders. I find it is those forward shoulders that give me the most trouble.
    Again, thanks for the encouragement that I can do this!