Tuesday, August 14, 2012

work party weekend snapshots

Our plucky heroine was offered a chance to get out of town for the weekend, to a gathering of friends with fiber and feasting... was just outside the city, over on the other side of the Willamette in rural Oregon City, at the home of C's aunt and uncle

In the guest room, there was a clock that projected the time on the ceiling, in numbers large enough to see clearly without my eyeglasses. Very groovy!

Many birds at various feeders, there were goldfinches and hummingbirds. At night, there were bats. I heard Coyote singing at night, which always lifts my heart.

I never knew that Octa was so much a fiber fanatic. Always a treat to see a new side to an longtime acquaintance. He also very generously gave me the ball of (alpaca?) yarn that he spun, which will be used to embellish some very special garment later this year...

clever support for espaliered fruit tree, made from support bars and lashed bamboo

flowering hoya, very happy surrounding the windows over the sink

The house had something lovely to look at wherever your eye turned, this ceramic set of kitchen drawers was at the back of the countertop, with myriads of spice jars on top.

My potluck contribution was deviled eggs, with dozens of hen fruit from my backyard chooks

Angharad was using this clever device to produce herbal oil, the steam in the lower portion rises through the upper part stuffed with herbs, and the elixir drips out the spout into the bowl below

At night these unusual beacons use propane to heat and light the back patio

This jacket, seen hanging on the wall in one of the bedrooms, is a combination of textile techniques. I love the shapes of the panels. Not sure where it was from, (I forgot to ask)

A closer view, showing the detail of the batiked fabric...

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