Wednesday, August 15, 2012

daily drawings: playing catch-up

Our plucky heroine has realised that drawing is capable of doing the same thing that photography does, inside my head... if enough focus is placed on something external, the rest of the in-head chatter goes away... this is very useful to know!

here are some of the drawings from the last week:
so many sturdy household helpers, this one has been keeping me company for many years... non-digital and non-electric

this is some kind of vertebrae, obviously sea-worn, from what, I do not know... it is very difficult to draw, particularly with my time constraints. Could spend days drawing this, such a complicated shape and so many contours and textures

pincushion, made from a vintage egg cup and wool. I plan on offering a workshop to make these later in the year, they make wonderful gifts

These pears are small, smaller than one would think, they came from the tree in my backyard, and are smaller than sekel pears. I suspect that with supplemental water, they would be bigger... Still, I like the pattern that the shadows make

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