Thursday, August 9, 2012

womens perogative

Being mostly done with two jersey projects, am being drawn to use black as the autumn neutral rather than the more seasonally appropriate brown that was my original intention. Went to look at my fabric stash, and there is enough assorted black that it will not be at all difficult. So my autumn 6PAC will be fade to black, in textures and tones.

Once the pockets are completed on the IndigoRose pinafore, that makes piece number one. The Badgirl tee needs the side seams and all the edges dealt with. Then it is on to all the rest... In stash was some lovely soft flannel in black with chocolate brown polkadots, am thinking a pullover top would feel great. There is some black stripey-textured not-corduroy that looks to make a nice durable jumper. If I can find where I hid the textured rayon that is intended for the popover dress with the mirror embroidered yoke I worked on earlier, that will make two tops and two bottoms and a dress. Technically I ought make a pair of pants, not sure I really want to (should woodswalking become a possibility again, that might change, but for now, the one pair of black jeans I own will do for any bifurcated necessity). There is a good sized piece of black waffle weave fabric, that has been aging in stash for probably at least ten years. Was intended for an unstructured jacket of some variety, and is waiting for me to do some trial sewing, to figure out just how to handle it. That is a possibility.

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