Wednesday, August 8, 2012

daily drawing - maneki neko

This is the big one, that usually sits on the ledge above the cookstove here at Acorn Cottage (with the two mirror twins found at Goodwill on either side) Our plucky heroine could use a bit of luck this wishful Wednesday, so this seemed the perfect subject for a sketch today...

Just FYI, I have been doing these drawings on printer paper, with ballpoint pen...nothing too precious, just sit and draw, quickly. (I aim for fifteen minutes, don't always manage it) Knowing when to stop is getting a bit easier, with enough detail and not too much.

We have been graced for the last few days with what I have been told is a "marine layer" (not a aquatic hen) that has gifted us with cooler cloudy mornings before the summer sunshine burns it away. A bit of ease and comfort in the beginning of the day, a real blessing when each day this week has started out with a trip up into the west hills to the dental school clinic.

Temporary reprieve (of a sort)... Today's supervising dentist at OHSU suggested a different approach to my cracked tooth: instead of a temporary crown, to deal with the cavity and grind past as much of the cracked area as would be safe. So now have a filling, a molar that has also had the top surface ground down so as to not bang into the upper tooth, and an true appreciation* as to how much dentistry has improved in the last forty years. They told me no chewing on the filled tooth for several weeks, but other than that, I can eat real food... it does not really hurt now, which is surprising considering what they did to my tooth-n-gum for several hours this morning.

* I still put novocaine injections right up near the top of my list of willfully accepted agony, but this time it was merely about a seven out of ten, so major points to the student dentist. (only had tears in my eyes, and was unable to breathe calmly, as opposed to the previous dental experiences which were my ten out of ten on the pain scale, and involved me being as close to passing out as I have ever been)

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