Tuesday, August 7, 2012

start of the autumn 6 PAC

As our plucky heroine is spending even more time than usual riding on transit, and also sitting in dental clinic waiting rooms, was needful to have projects that are easy to transport and easy to stop and start. Have begun what I am calling my "bad girl" t-shirt, using up some of the random t-shirts here to turn into another single one that fits me.Last year G passed along a decorative t-shirt, black of course, with a good central motif, and goodness knows that I've certainly more plain black ones here for cutting out the rest of the pattern pieces. The various pieces are all slightly different shades of black. It feels a little more edgy and less sweet than my usual suspects.

After perusing the Natalie Chanin books, I got the wild hair that I could simply hand stitch the seams as my carry-round project. It actually goes surprisingly fast. I turned the seam allowances to the outside, and then did parallel whipstitch to fell them in place. The extra stitching really stabilises the raw edges, and noticeably strengthens the seams.

Current idea is to do a autumnal 6PAC using black as the primary neutral, with chocolate and indigo as the supporting colors... start with the indigo rose pinafore, add in the bad girl top, then maybe the black textured rayon popover that I have been threatening to make for months now...


  1. That photo is such a tease! I want to see the whole thing. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Photo is supposed to be a tease, plus was the best of the several I took as far as composition, and details of seam treatment