Wednesday, July 11, 2012

all I want to do is sew

In which our plucky heroine decides to change plans midstream, and start a black pinafore sundress, made from knit fabric. This is the center panel, and will be done in the Alabama Chanin reverse applique style. (pictures at night sometimes have odd color changes, the real color is blue on black)

Last night I used the smaller of the Mackintosh rose stencils (that I cut for the roman shade project a while back) and mixed up some medium blue fabric paint. Used the leafy bits from the border as well, to fill in the space and add interest.
Took it with me today while out riding transit, and as handwork during my cancer support group meeting. The running stitch embroidery around the edge does not take an enormously long time, since this is a fairly small area.

Here is a closeup of the running stitches outlining the stenciled design.

And here, the centers of stitched areas all cut away...

I am thinking about possibly adding just a tad of beading to the center of the rose, and along the stems to make them just a bit more spikey, like rose thorns. Glass seed beads, if well stitched down, go through the wash with no trouble at all.

It feels like all I want to do is sew, that my natural aspect of being is to create with fabric and fiber. Truly there is more that I can do, but absolutely no desire to. Very odd, but at least I am wanting to do something creative. This has been the state of things here at Acorn Cottage for months now, I first wrote about this in May, and it was not new then... I've no gorram idea how to bring this into balance.
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Very scary, for no apparent reason, my left thumb jammed stuck straight, when I was putting away the featherbed. Hurt like the dickens! Ran it under cold water, rubbed it, and eventually it was bendable again. I will be calling my GP tomorrow, just to let her know. Dang, I knew I should have bought the extended warranty...


  1. I really like your pinafore and the stencil pattern. I have been wanting to try some Alabama projects. As soon as I cease canning and getting in wood!