Monday, July 9, 2012


So now our plucky heroine is halfway through the 6PAC... Two years ago, a brief excursion into the world of online Japanese patterns gave me a TNT summertime dress, which has been given the polite name of "popover" (don't say it, but if my Nana was wearing this style, it would be a muu muu) Whatever the name, the original inspiration was this nani IRO design, and while the design required quite a bit of adaptation to fit my shape and size, it is just the thing to wear when the mercury climbs.

The first one that I made, in some wonderful textured printed navy rayon, has been worn to pieces, literally. Actually, the issue is that it was one of the first things stitched with my serger, and the fabric would have benefitted from proper seaming, with the serged edge used to keep fraying at bay. Another one soon followed, made from an assortment of rayon in jordan almond colors, not really my chosen palette, but so cool and floaty.

So there was no question that what the dark indigo moon-and-stars batik would become. These dresses are easy to make, and easy to wear. When the temperature is more moderate, they work well under a pinafore, or in wintertime for layering...But the temperature here, while not as alarming as most of the rest of the USA, is still unpleasantly hot. It was all this girl could do to put on the finished recombinant cardigan, so as to show how it turned out. It will be welcome warmth sometime, oh, say, maybe in October! The wide collar looks much better in this mode than it did as a turtleneck, and it is most comfortable to wear. If all my clothes did not have substantial pockets, this would have needed larger ones, but the smaller diagonal top ones are just the right size for hands, and keep the front from looking too boxy (as it might with larger squarer ones).
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

I do wish that the forecast did not show little golden circles for the next ten days - it is continuing to be well over eighty every day, with no relief in sight. While for most of the country that would be dandy, it is hard for my legs to cope with the heat, the lymphedema is so much worse when the weather is warm. Did manage to get out on the bicycle to go grocery shopping early this morning, and a bit of walkabout before it got too warm. It is hard to realise that my six month checkup is coming, that I am a quarter of the way through the most dangerous time zone. Fingers crossed that Dr W will find nothing more exciting than increased scar tissue. Perhaps there will be some useful information offered about how to deal with some of the ongoing side effects...

Well, time to go do some needed tidying and get ready for some additional projects; not sure which will be next, perhaps the dark denim pinafore...


  1. haha, muu muu - I remember those, and I remember her wearing them. I had a red patterned one of hers that I wore until it literally fell apart. I love your repurposed turtleneck! xoxo

  2. I love the fabric in that. It seemed like it rained the whole time I was at Dad's but I did get him out for some walking between showers.