Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day... or the start of SWAP

in which our plucky heroine dives into SWAP 2018...

It is rather a bit too cold, still not above freezing, so taking photos outside is not going to happen, and despite traipsing from one spot to another inside my wee house, there is no real good indoor place with a blank background to do so. So this is rather a not-very-good picture of my new black corduroy pinafore for SWAP 2018. Of course black is always hard to photograph even at best. The only thing I did differently on this pinafore was to change the neckline to a squared off one (as opposed to the usual rounded vee).

After sitting overnight, my nice flat-looking skirt gore seams have developed a bit of an odd ripple. I never use corduroy or denim that has any lycra content, due to an unfortunate incident years ago, but I suspect that this fabric does have a bit, even though it wasn't sold as such, as the only time previously I had this problem was with lycra/denim. (knit fabric with lycra content usually behaves quite nicely) I wouldn't have thought that stitching warpwise would have been a problem, but apparently the slight angle of the gores was enough for it to become one. Ah well, no one but me will ever notice, I suspect (well save all of you!). I am wondering if topstitching all the skirt seams will smooth them out, or if I should just let it go?

Since I am not entirely sure of all the components in my 2018 SWAP, but I am certain that I want to include an Alabama Chanin style cardigan, it seemed like the best use of my sewing time today was to make a start on that... This will take quite a while to do, with all the hand stitching for the reverse applique. (I have confirmed that I much prefer block printing to stenciling for surface design, but for this application, stenciling is the best technique) I am sure that it goes a lot faster with an airbrush; applying painted motifs to the back of the cardigan took me about an hour and a half. Once I get the dark blue layer basted to the brown stenciled with black layer, I can mark and lay out the two front panels, maybe tomorrow...
The plan is for the stitching to be in pale grey, the backing to be dark blue, and the centers of all the motif parts will be cut away to show the blue, so that I get both my neutrals and the black accent color all in one garment. This should work for the category: "Remaining two garments may be made from any one or combination of your neutrals, accent(s) and/or print(s)"


  1. Well done finishing the pinafore already! Impressed you are taking on a handstitched item, I for one would not have the patience!

    1. Thank you Ruthie! A pinafore takes me about five hours to sew, once the pieces are cut out, if I am not adding embellishment. Since I had already cut this one out, it made a great project for Christmas day afternoon.

      As far as the handstiched cardigan, it is a design I have wanted for several years, and since almost all my hand stitching is done while I am sitting on the bus, I can sort of describe it as my "mental health project"! I am grateful to live in a place that does have public transit, but actually riding the bus is not very pleasant, so having handwork keeps me from feeling like I am stuck wasting hours every day, but instead lets me make progress on garments for me, gifts for others, or warm things for charity

  2. Would love to see a better photo of you in your black pinafore x

    1. once the weather goes above freezing, I will go out on my front porch and try another photograph. This one doesn't really show very much of the pinafore, although you can see parts of the living room rather well!