Sunday, October 18, 2015

not an oncoming train which our plucky heroine makes progress towards a long held goal, with help from her Blue Cedar House pals...

One longterm goal is to get rid of all the crap cheap carpeting in the house and replace it with hard flooring; another longterm goal is to eventually have my space set up so that when I get an idea to make something, that all the needed tools, supplies, and equipment are right at hand; and when the time comes to put things away, that there are readily accessible known "homes" for everything.

This morning we made great progress; Heather checks some details and the flooring is gradually filling in across the room...

My clever helpers figured out how to apply the flooring in a more random pattern, which makes the design look less "manufactured". The black pieces around the edges are spacers that hold the flooring away from the wall, which allows it to expand and contract as needed with seasonal variation.

There were several trips out to Mr Plywood, and the hardware store to acquire quarter round molding to finish off the floor edges, and to get a pint of trim paint, after it was determined that the paint I had acquired (and used) years ago and stored for future use is no longer quite the correct consistency, having turned in storage to something resembling curdled cheese... Bit by bit as the day progressed so did our assorted efforts gradually move towards the desired result.

It had gotten quite dark out by the time I finished shaping the corner blocks to fit in the corners of the room; these make installing the quarter round molding a lot easier, plus I prefer the visual effect to the more standard mitered corners

The corner blocks are clearly visible here, since I've not had time to paint them to match the quarter round, figuring it was more important to get everything installed with helpers, and that the detail painting can happen afterwards. (and yes, it really is a very small room, 9ft x 10 ft)

The trim really finishes off the excellent job my Blue Cedar House pals did installing the new floor. I decided against putting the large cluttery heavy furniture back into the room; not sure what will end up as furnishings for this room yet. The futon couch will certainly continue to live here, there needs to be some sort end table/nightstands, some task/reading lights, and of course the ironing board, sewing machines, and folding sewing tables will return...

Heather looking rightfully pleased at the outcome of a very busy and tiring day! (and a bit more of the new floor visible) I am going to leave the room more empty than is my usual wont, so I can get a sense of how best to actually use the space. Somehow now that the carpet is gone, the whole room feels a lot more expansive, much more than simply having some of the contents gone would warrant.

While I had the tool wielding people visiting, four new shelves were cut to fit in one of the open wall spaces along the east wall. I still need to paint the wooden wall cleats to match the wall. These shelves will soon be filled with fabric. I think I am getting close to an appropriate amount of fabric storage... it is starting to feel like if the wall shelves hold garment lengths, and the other storage holds smaller pieces of fabric and notions, that once I get it all organised and decluttered, this room will turn into the sort of workspace I have had in mind for a long time, whilst still remaining a comfortable guest room.

October SMART goals
1 8 stenciled panels kosode for R carpet
2 carved yukiwa stamp new flooring down carpet padding
3 3 stamped panels four new shelves mustard nightstand
4 Japanese kosode - Goodwill bag
5  a silk obi belt - -
6 15 kai awashe shells - -
7 two cotton obi belts - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Oh that looks fantastic!
    I think you are wise to think through what you want in a room and not just put everything back.

    1. Thank you Ruthie! I know there need to be some amenities for guests, like task lighting (which will also work for me when sitting on the futon with my sewing table set up). I am considering a little rolling utility cart from IKEA for next to the futon couch, as a nightstand, that can be easily moved if needed and can double as a project holding cart for sewing. There should be room now to store the ironing board, and to keep it set up along one wall when sewing, and even for a dress form maybe someday eventually (the one I made from duct tape turned out poorly, as the tape had a horrid smell that did not air out)

  2. Your room looks fabulous and so much larger looking with the light coloured floor. Enjoy the time you will spend setting up the room to look exactly how you want it to look.

    1. Thank you Ann - the really odd thing is that the flooring is almost the same color as the former carpet (which is still in the rest of the house) but because it is slightly reflective, it makes the whole room look brighter, which is not a bad thing in a north facing room.

  3. Brava for achieving goals and good friends.

  4. Alison, I had to de-lurk to say how much I like the sewing room and floor! It will be fun to furnish it to your liking!

  5. Kudos and congrats to you and your friends! What a wonderful accomplishment your baby steps produced -- the floor looks great. I like the corner blocks idea - didn't know that was a thing but I like it.

  6. So many new skills being learned/observed by the rest of the crew!