Saturday, October 17, 2015

baby steps

in which our plucky heroine takes small steps forward, and a lot of steps sideways

We began the day with high hopes of finishing the flooring install in one day, alas that was not to be. There was an unexpected playground incident with one of the children, which although in the end it turned out that said child was okay (though bruised), meant that a big chunk of Saturday was spent at Urgent Care. Fortunately we were out in that area anyway on an unsuccessful search for door threshold molding* when it became apparent that medical evaluation was a good idea.

What we did end up getting done: this morning the carpet was removed from the room, and all the tack strips and bits of rubble from ripping the tack strips out of the concrete... what is left is the plain concrete floor, with a very thin layer of ancient mastic from whatever flooring was there prior to the former owners putting in carpet. Were there simple clean concrete under the carpet instead of mastic, I'd probably just leave the concrete as the floor, but mastic is nasty to walk on, so the laminate flooring seemed like a good option.

Once the floor was entirely cleared and cleaned, vapor barrier went down (barely visible in the far right edge of the room), and then floor padding, the blue stuff that Heather and Mr Robertson are carefully taping together. Elli is helping keep the center panel from moving while the adults use duct tape. The floating laminate floor will be installed over these protective layers tomorrow...

* since Ikea is no longer carrying any molding (and not even sure they are carrying the TUNDRA flooring any more) we looked at several other places, all that didn't have what we needed to make a transition between the laminate and the carpeting still in the hallway. In the end, it occurred to me that I know some very talented people and my new friend Kate has both the skills and the equipment to cut down a board that will fit and do what needs done, and she is willing to help.


  1. You got a lot done in one day seeing that you had a couple of interruptions. We buy transition strips at Rona, Home Depot and End of the Roll. Getting a colour to match may or may not be easy. In our basement we used vinyl transition strips that matched the nose covering on the stairs. Upstairs we used wood to match the laminate. Some transitions were level underneath and others were designed to accommodate going between laminate and vinyl flooring.

    1. We did look at Home Depot, but they didn't have *anything* that would fit well where we needed it to go, and it just didn't make sense to me to pay 40$ for something that we would then have to re-profile and refinish and wouldn't actually fit the width needed even after all that extra work. I might have to wait a bit, but my pal Kate said it would be an easy job to custom make a threshold.

    2. Go for the custom made threshold. Not worth the time to re-profile something that you paid a lot of money for.

  2. You got a ton done! and vapor barrier means less chilly damp right? - Freydís