Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine devours the 20%...

The first of my five tomatoes is ready to eat. When touched to see if it was ripe, it fell off into my hand.

Two tomato plants live on the front porch: one with zero blossoms or fruit, and the other, smaller, plant has five fruit in various stages of growth. Am tempted to remove "Plant Zero" and put in something else, but in the meantime, I hear a salad calling my name...

There's never a dull Friday evening here at the cottage... last night's amusment : minor home plumbing repairs! Our plucky heroine, after some careful research as to how best to detach the former "permanently attached" but recently broken biffie seat, has spent several hours doing some less than glamorous home improvement. Detachment was easy, replacement acquired and almost finished being installed. The "Sta-Tite" nuts need to have the final delicate torque applied with a proper socket wrench ratchet, and I seem to have misplaced mine. A ratcheting screwdriver is not as useful a substitute as it normally is. Nonetheless, a potty with a secure seat is a very good thing, compared to the alternative! (Saturday morning update: some very careful use of the adjustable wrench finished the job)

My friend SR bought a RTW black cotton jersey dress, and I am going to customise it for her with decorative reverse applique designs on the neckline, cuffs and at the hemline. Custom cut original freezer paper stencils of foliage, flowers, and a few bunnies, kelly green cotton jersey, soft slightly darker green textile paint, and forest green craft thread for the stitching...
The design is first applied using textile paint and a freezer paper stencil, then the inner layer of knit, which will become visible through the cut away areas, is basted into place, making sure to match the grainline. Dark green on black is hard to photograph... and just a glimpse of the inner layer of bright kelly green cotton jersey, which will make a vivid accent against the black dress and dark green stenciled motifs

Spent several hours on hold on the phone* earlier this week which gave me a good opportunity to finish the reverse applique cuffs... This is Alabama Chanin style raw edge reverse applique - knit fabric is stenciled, layered, hand-stitched around the design, and then the center of the stenciled areas are cut away to reveal the inner layer of fabric. I personally love the somewhat bohemian look of this technique, and have used it quite a bit on my own clothing
It is difficult to get a good photo of the combination of solid black with vivid green, it looks darker in real life. I am eager to start on the neckline border, which will be much easier to set up and to stitch... working inside already completed sleeve ends was tricksey

It occurred to me this morning that a workshop later this summer, on "how to do the Alabama Chanin reverse applique technique" might be both fun to teach and fun for potential students... (and also not require turning on the kiln!)

July SMART goals
1 blue tunic for B chook shade tarp recycle bin full
2 grey gown for M toilet seat replaced yardwaste bin
3 linen gown for S - -
4 black batik popover - -
5 Laurel brooch setting - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -

*sorting out insurance coverage foo so I could actually get the physical therapy my doctor requested for my injured knee.


  1. As I unclogged a toilet, my granddaughter told me I could do things just like her Dad can. I may be helping her to grow up not to think that she must have a man around to take care of everything.

    Your choice of design and color applique are rich and beautiful. Your choice of thread color and the small stitches you are using almost look like the beading Alabama Chanin sometimes uses, at least in the photo -- very pretty. A writer on Stitchers Guild mentioned how this treatment will draw attention to pretty hands; a good point I hadn't thought of.

  2. Lovely tomato and good idea for a class.