Sunday, July 19, 2015

well begun is half done

in which our plucky heroine starts something sketchy...

This is the initial stage of adding a reverse applique design to the RTW dress neckline. First lay a piece of thin newsprint over the front bodice, and use fingers to locate the neckline edge and the seams of the front panel; this allows me to create a design that doesn't overlap the seams, since cutting through the construction that holds the dress together would be a bad idea; using newsprint rather than, say, transparent plastic, means that I can then cut out the paper as if it were a pattern piece, and draw my initial sketch directly:
This also lets me revise my design as much as needed, to get a pleasing and balanced look. Taking a break between the initial sketching and/or taking a photograph and looking at that, allows a bit of objectivity - for example, some of the curves of the stem and the location of the rightmost flower are not quite right, and will be corrected before the design is cut. The next step is to either trace or transfer the design to freezer paper somehow*, and then cut out the temporary stencil, iron in place, and apply the paint. Once I do that, I will also add designs to the back portions of the neckline as well.

* what I will do is to pin or staple the design sketch to the layer of freezer paper, and cut them out together. I also do this when making more than one identical stencils, as for the two cuffs - I stapled two layers of freezer paper back to back, which gave me a mirrored pair of designs.

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