Tuesday, April 14, 2015


in which our plucky heroine takes baby steps to explore the land that lies between nightwalking and whimsey...

Sunday was a trip to Azure Fine Art Gallery, to set up my small portion of the upcoming show, prior to the opening, which coincides with the monthly arts walk in downtown Corvallis. My work is in The Birdcage*, a gallery within the gallery as it were...

This whole "having artwork in a gallery" thing is all new to me; I am rather making it up as I go along. My original intention was to have more pieces completed, however, having just the two shadowboxes really allows the work to stand out in an uncrowded and minimalistic setting. I like that better...
The backdrop here is a vintage silken velvet housecoat that I acquired at a barn sale in upstate New York more than forty years ago, the black velvet riffs on both the idea of garments and on the tradition of displaying precious jewelery on a black velvet background. I included my button crown as a display prop, as an echo to the theme of handwork/whimsey...

The second shadowbox... quite different than the first one, yet obviously part of the same genre. The outer edges of the frame are all decorated with sewing pattern tissue paper, as are some of the tiny hands. Sewing patterns are another sort of map, of a different land hard to navigate without assistance.

The pendant combines sterling silver, copper, and brass in a married-metal fabricated artifact.

This quote is another longtime touchstone of mine, a reminder that nothing loved is ever lost while memory lives...

The vintage glass beads compliment the art, and the pendant necklace is held in place with small wooden constructs painted with fingerprint glyphs

April SMART goals
1mobieus apronstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
2sewing tools necklace-bin of twigs
3sewing tools shadowbox--
4heart in hand necklace--
5manyhands shadowbox--

* from the gallery page:
Bird Cage Series -
Housed within the gallery is a large bird cage for small works, jewelry or single vision ideas that accentuates the idea of “kept treasures”


  1. Simply. WOW.

    Enjoy the opening :)

  2. Thank you! The opening was tiring, but a good thing to do, and there were positive comments about my pieces.