Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine makes incremental progress...

The sewing tools shadowbox artwork is almost completed. The necklace beading continues the theme of measurement. The completed pendant: a carved bone ruler hung with assorted tools, notions, and trinkets, floating in the sky above the sewing landscape

The composition has the sort of dynamic balance that pleases my eye. Art is what you make when there is something that needs to exist, and you make it even though you don't know how, so you keep figuring it out and and making it up as you go along...
I don't remember where I first found this quote, but it has stuck with me for years, because it is true...

A detail of the pendant, with vintage charms and buttons, and a handpainted limoges enamel dress form...

... and the whole pendant

The small vintage enamel clockface stands in for the full moon...

just found this song again, after missing it for a long time

Recently found in the fabric stash: a grey rayon popover dress partially cut out... when measured out against the current dresses there are some pieces missing; fortunately there is a little bit of different grey rayon that can be added to it, and together they can become a dress for wearing this summer. Also found a denim pinafore dress with a missing back. Could be not terribly difficult to bind the raw edges and add some mobieus straps, for a nice sturdy workshop apron. These two will become the next "morning sewing" projects.


  1. A perfect and fabulous shadow box! I guess it turns out that you know how to make one after all!! Sending you a Good Day today!!

  2. Thank you Claire... this is all a Big Stretch for me with doing something new and different with my artwork