Saturday, April 18, 2015

a nice new bed and other delights

in which our plucky heroine works with friends...

...Mr Robertson and Heather are mighty... you should see how much better my yard looks!

The agenda for today was yardwork, since the weather is unseasonably warm and dry, which causes the grass to grow like crazy. While I am gradually covering the backyard with mulch, in preparation for eventual garden beds (and because I loathe mowing) the front yard, and about half the backyard are still open grazing. Part of the backyard will hopefully soon be home to three young hens, so some grassy areas will be all to the good, but long grass scares chooks, it might be hiding tigers...

...the back yard after weed whacking, Mr Robertson did yeoman service and spent several hours returning the jungle to a more easy to traverse landscape... the old henhouse is visible near the fence.

I tackled part most of the front yard with the new-to-me non-electric reel mower. A little help from Mr Robertson and the weed whacker took care of the edges and the really tall grass patches. It was necessary to not only move the brush pile, (now on the driveway next to the yard waste bin, and the compost bin instead of the middle of the lawn, which Heather was very willing to help with. I was impressed with how well the mower worked on my flimsy lawn, once we raked up all the twigs, plus, exercise instead of higher electric bill. Haven't tried the back yard yet, it is always a lot more dense because of years of free range hens in the past.

This will, in time, become a garden bed for asparagus and possibly one or two mini fruit trees. The entire side yard bed has been full of weed block and grass, now half is full of potential.

Heather pulled all the sod, removed all of the weed block plastic, and then we layered cardboard, wood chip mulch, and then the sod, upside down... over time, and with more compost layered, it will hopefully become a good growing spot. this is the part of my yard that faces south and gets good sunlight


April SMART goals
1mobieus apronstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
2sewing tools necklacefront yard mowedbin of twigs
3sewing tools shadowboxbackyard mowedbin of twigs
4heart in hand necklaceside yard mowedweedblock fabric
5manyhands shadowboxnew garden bed -
6-feral roses tied up-

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