Wednesday, February 4, 2015

wishful Wednesday which our plucky heroine has a day like a merry-go-round, filled with ups and downs, but mostly just spinning in place...

Considering it might be best to start again... all last year had a well thought out goal plan, and a chart with tickyboxen to fill in, which provided me with enticement, encouragement and satisfaction. Thinking about a "180" challenge, (as that was the number of boxes on my rising sixty challenge last year, so it is possible). It would be great to have my 2015 equally productive; it would be even better if several more kaizen changes could be quantified. Hmmm must mull this over...

Ordered this online on Monday, arrived here at Acorn Cottage this Wednesday... to replace the cot that broke last summer after only two SCA events! There were several comments on the "Better SCA Camping" FB group from folks who have used this product for between ten and twenty years, so I am hopeful that this locally made camping cot will prove more durable.

I wanted a cot that was wider than 24" and less than seven feet long... our plucky heroine is only 5'2". This cot is only six feet long and about 32" wide, which will fit me quite well, and also fit either my small Norse long tent, or if needs be in the modern bubble tent, without touching the outer walls. As advertised, it sets up quite easily (sigh of relief), and the mesh carry sack also attaches to the frame as a clever storage bag for things like glasses case and flashlight. Now just add some bedding and good to go...


For the last few weeks have been working on the first tunic for Bill Robertson of Blue Cedar House... Finally have completed the decorative embroidery (this being one of the things that I can work on while riding the bus... The neckline yoke has couched lines of demarcation, a pair of Norse inspired corbies done in outline stitch, and the edge of the yoke facing hemstitched down with the same floss, which are the dots around the outer edge of the yoke...
Folded over and basted edges on the tunic cuffs being stitched in place. This is the reverse side, the outside will show a line of off-white dots, same as around the outer edge of the tunic yoke.

An unexpected package arrived this morning... indeed today was quite the day for parcels to arrive here! This one was small enough to fit in the mailbox, and when opened revealed this small Japanese ceramic bell. Our plucky heroine (born in the year of the green wood horse) is quite delighted with this charming trinket, just in time for the last few days of the Year of the Horse! Thank you dear Eva!!

Have been making steady progress on the parts for the Dragon's Mist coronet project, here are a few of the early steps:
I had no idea before attempting the wirebending, how very challenging it would be to bend cloisonne wire into a pair of nebuly rings! The next step is building up the layers of black and white enamel, prior to adding the painted central dragon heads and laurel wreaths, of the Dragon's Mist heraldry...


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