Sunday, February 8, 2015

john barleycorn and other Sunday snippets

Last week saw a lot of time in front of the enameling kiln, which when on, keeps the studio cozy in winter (compared to the rest of the the house) I really needed to stretch to get all the details just as desired on these small enamels. Central dragon heads in process, using Limoges enamel technique. Top one ready for the kiln, bottom one waiting to be detailed. Bear in mind that the dragon heads are less than 1/2" tall...

Have been working steadily on Dragon's Mist coronet project, and had a chance to consult with Mr Dawson yesterday about some of the details of construction, as well as handing off the central panels to be engraved with dragons on either side of the central enamel medallions. The first step is the heraldic Dragon's Mist enamels; many, many hours of work, and they are complete. The entire central design is less than 1" in diameter. I am pleased...


Very rarely indeed do I find something on FB that I want to share, but a friend posted this acoustic version of an old classic just delighted me...


February SMART goals
1blue tunic embroideryKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
2corbie cowl
bag to Goodwill

bag to Goodwill

bag to Goodwill

paper recycling
paper recycling



Today spent the middle of the day working with Kaitlin on further decluttering of the sewing/guest room. Made progress as shown in the "Things Gone" category. Lots more to do, it seems neverending, but will eventually yield a home that has only things loved, and materials, supplies, and tools ready to create with... I hold fast to that dream, and take action to turn it to my reality, now that I imagine I will have a life long enough to make the effort...


  1. Hi Alison. Your enamelling is exquisite - no wonder you're pleased. Such a tiny area to work on.
    And thank you for sharing that acoustic version of John Barleycorn. Lovely.

  2. Thank you for the compliments... there are plenty of times when the "magic" doesn't work, that these turned out so pleasing without being troublesome, made all the hours of effort worthwhile. The clients are quite happy with how they look as well... now I am hoping that the rest of the project will also prove cooperative.