Monday, February 9, 2015

an illuminating difference

... in which our plucky heroine is quite happy with how the results of today's effort look and function (refurbished bedside lamps) though the bedroom transformation is going more slowly than hoped for... (ongoing note to self: remember that incremental progress is still progress)

Today, the nightstand lamps are now hanging lanterns, which leaves both the nightstand shelves clear to hold the useful things like a water bottle, eyeglasses, alarming clock, plus whatever book(s) is/are current bedtime reading. The south side of the bed had the same treatment applied, and there is room for some flowers or a bit of other natural beauty.
I'm really happy with the graceful forged iron brackets holding up the lanterns; while I'd have loved to commission some extra special brackets from one of my assorted blacksmith pals, the current state of the piggybank necessitated instead inexpensive garden store plant hangers. I did spend a lot of time sorting through the selection to find a pair that had matching curves and nicely forged curled tips

This is what the lamps looked like before: rather triffid-like with wobbly tall legs. They were a yard sale find ten years ago; I wanted a matched pair of bedside lamps, and while I am quite fond of the rustic paper lantern aspect, the legs were never a good fit for the nightstand shelves (see how close one of the legs is to the edge), and finally the idea of mounting them on wall brackets swam into the forefront of my imagination... When I deconstructed the lamp, it was apparent that there was no way to easily remove the legs, it took a vise and hacksaw to  deal with them. Once that was taken care of, it was straightforward to install wall anchors, to secure the forged brackets to the walls, and to reattach all the lamp parts together

There was quite an alarming amount of detritus that had collected on the both nightstands over time: magazines and books, toiletries, spare light bulbs and all sorts of random frelch... The paper lantern shell at the far left was replaced on the lamp frame after reconfiguration, and with effort and luck the bed will be uncovered  and re-made before bedtime...


February SMART goals
1blue tunic embroideryKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
2corbie cowlnightstands clearedbag to Goodwill
bed lamps transformedbag to Goodwill
lamp brackets installedbag to Goodwill

paper recycling
paper recycling





  1. Excellent remodel! They are much prettier now than before.

  2. Oh what a fantastic idea, they are a thing of real beauty now.