Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday fragments which our plucky heroine takes baby foxen steps towards a warm winter wrap...

The first twelve rows (one repeat) of my Fox Paws knitted wrap project completed. There are almost sixteen repeats in all, and the colors change places from repeat to repeat. This far into the knitting, while it is still challenging (K5tog!!), the sense of the pattern is coming clear. Blocking the knitting once it is all completed will smooth and even out the pattern, and given how much time this repeat took to knit, the project will hopefully be wearable sometime later this winter. For some reason, my camera washes out the slightly turquoise blue yarn to baby blue, in truth it is a somewhat more subtle and interesting color...

While out and about on my bike, just before the season turned, I managed to salvage eight wooden pieces, which seem to be uprights from GORM. They will be most useful in building things for the yard, possibly a new improved lighter-to-move chicken house, possibly part of a Salad Table, which is something I have been wanting to build for years now, and is on the short list currently. A Salad Table is an elevated growing bed for greens and small vegetables, easy on the back, and easy to move around to various locations to take advantage of micro climates. I have been thinking about this as a way to dip a toe into more gardening, and as a way to make reuse of not-quite-greywater even easier.

The original Salad Table™ from University of Maryland Extension

An "improved" salad table with interior trays and wheels...


  1. You are going to have a beautiful winter wrap using this pattern and the colours you chose. I thought I was brave doing K3tog. You are braver.

  2. Your colours look beautiful together. Looking forward to seeing the completed wrap! And I'm with Ann - K5tog - you is definitely braver :-)

  3. the idea is that the colors I chose are all from my wardrobe palette, which is a specific and limited range, so that this will coordinate with any and all my clothing. I just had a message from the pattern designer herself! on my Ravelry post and she recommends using the alternate decrease (slip 2, knit 3 together, then pass the two slipped stitches over) as she says it is a lot easier to do and gives the same result... I will try that one on my second repeat through... (stay tuned for further comments)

  4. That is some beautiful knitting! Brava!!!