Tuesday, June 10, 2014

well aged projects new and old...

our plucky heroine had to wait to share this photo 'til after an elevation this last weekend in the Kingdom of Caid, but this was the most current Laurel medallion from my studio... I am quite pleased with the tiny stamped crescents in the background diapering and around the edge of the setting (as well as the graduated sizes of leaves I showed in an earlier post) The setting is brass and silver, the enamel is about 1 1/2" in diameter.

Back I was still living in OlyWa, I took a temporary job working on the evening shift from 5 to 10 answering phones in the local office of the Census Bureau... truly, how many folks call a government office after office hours? We did have various tasks that we worked on, but there was always small amounts of downtime when our hands/minds were idle, and we all know that our plucky heroine is loath to just sit with idle hands...

Whilst decluttering, found pieces of an unfinished project started during those empty hours: an embroidered set of cuffs and neck yoke for an SCA gown (as well as the rest of the unembellished fabric, a thick soft red silk herringbone) As more underdresses are needed, my current plan is to cut and assemble this into something that fits me... for some reason I made the cuffs really small, and while the years have expanded my circumference, my wrists have been the same size all my adult life ?!?

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