Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday tidbits

Moving right forward... our plucky heroine will, through a combination of clever cutting and pieceing, use the well aged embroidery as part of a new SCA gown. There is just enough of the red silk herringbone for the body of the gown, but since the cuff embroidery is inexplicably too narrow for my hands, adding an embroidered patch to extend the cuffs seems like a good idea.  The running horse that is the main charge on my arms is here interpreted as a Viking design/style; I have used this image for many years, even before my SCA life - born in the Year of the Horse, and symbolising moving forward but looking towards the past as well, a point of view that is useful in both the macro and micro context...

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" ~ George Santayana
A very clever technical hint: DIY micro sanding strips made from strapping tape and emery paper, cut to use in a jewelers saw frame! Must try this, there are many places where suchlike would be useful, not just for pierced work. And speaking of saw frames, found this absolutely gorgeous one online made by Green Lion Studios; my own trusty saw frame has been a boon companion for over forty years, but a girl can certainly appreciate a piece of elegant design.


June SMART goal challenge
1 thread-winders SR silver chain  backyard yardwaste
2 red rose
heart pendant
backyard meadow
bag to paper recycling
3 red rose earrings half craftwall
bag to paper recycling
4 2nd sports bra sleeve bands
on green gown
bag to paper recycling
5 * * metal scrap to recycling
6 * * bag to Goodwill
7 * * bag to Goodwill
8 * * paper recycling
9 * * *
10 ---------- * *
11 ---------- * *
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- * *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *
18 ---------- ---------- *

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