Saturday, May 31, 2014

details details

in which our plucky heroine cogitated on the smallest of details...

It is a mild frustration that there are a whole assortment of ways to draw a Pelican design, and not a lot of ways to vary the Laurel wreath. I can change the background, and the setting, but I have only ever come up with a few variations on the wreath itself. I have used other variations: a more dense band of leaves, a more naturalistic design that is made from just one wire rather than multiple individual leaves, and one memorable time a commission to have the leaves in the form of peacock feathers... On my most recent commission, I added this very subtle detail: the size and shape of the Laurel leaves is graduated from base to tip - a new twist on my standard design, and one that makes me feel very pleased with the outcome.

Now that it is the end of the month, how did my SMART goal challenge fare? It seems that it will be needful to renew the challenge for the month of June, since our plucky heroine had a less than stellar time of it as far as getting anything at all accomplished... Instead I spent wasted a great deal of time quenched in despair, which is not useful or beautiful, but all too easy. Must remind self that bootstraps are always there and muscles to grab them with... life is short enough without wasting it. Two years water under the bridge and time to get a move on and just make the best of the current situation. While there might not be all the parts of my life that girl would desire, the fact is that I am alive, in tolerable health thanks to oncology and acupuncture, and that there is still art to be made and a house to be kept, as well as a myriad of friends and family close and far that love me.

May SMART goal challenge
1 charted knitting
side yard
bag to
2 bone needle pegs on
bag to
3 new green
4 sports bra CR regalia *
5 crescent Laurel
* *
6 * * *
7 * * *
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- ---------- *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *


  1. I love the 'things made', 'things fixed' and 'things gone' and have been doing something similar though not checking up on myself in quite the same way as you. I think you are doing great, and several things in all of those categories is a real achievement and something you should be pleased with and proud of yourself about.
    I have some trousers which need a little fixing and then would be back in rotation for work. Maybe I will do them tomorrow.
    Go well! Ruthie

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words Ruthie! I set myself a challenge at the turn of the year to do sixty things in each category for my rising 60 birthday... seemed manageable at about five in each category per month, though the months with a lot of travel in them rather played hob with my plans... but June is all about staying home and focusing on work and repairs and homecrafting, so it should be a lot more caught up soon...

  3. I am with Ruthie. You accomplished quite a bit! The "things made" and "things fixed" lists are impressive, especially since some of them are very time consuming and labor intensive. Excuse me, but I declare that an enamel medallion with tiny laurel leaves should count as at least three things made. You are an inspiration to have done so much while quenched in despair. I hope the return of the light and the longer daytime hours give you what you need to catch up on your 60-things!

  4. Thank you Claire... I tend to judge things made by how difficult they are for me, not by how difficult they seem to others... The items on my actual "this needs fixed" list are all quite challenging in that they mostly call for skills I am weak in and more money than I often have available, hance I have chosen to document all the things I do get fixed, however small... Right now I am debating including the backyard mowing, even though I didn't do the work myself

  5. I say include the mowing. It's a thing that needed fixed, right? And it's done, right? If it were my list I'd include it. Just saying!