Monday, March 3, 2014

media Monday and the memory of handswork

...long long ago, when the numbers next to my name were single digits, our plucky heroine was already someone with fingers that liked to learn things...

and one of the things they learned was how to braid four strands into a round cord. Maybe even before learning the more common three strand plait used for hair, since back then my hair was too short for pigtails. But the four strand plait has been a lifelong bit of useful knowledge, being so simple as to be unforgettable, and having a curiously satisfying appearance with the two colors spiraling around each other. A recent realisation, inspired by Norse whipcord braiding with bobbins, was that winding up the unbraided ends into neat weaving butterflies makes the braiding process a lot faster, as there is then no need to spend time untangling the loose ends.


and just because it has been a while since I posted anything just for pretty...


  1. Thank you for the link to braiding with 4 strands. I will have to try it.

  2. what a cool video! (also, v. cool to know how that four strand braiding works. I never learned it, and it's one of those "how do they do that?" things for me. . . now I know!

  3. FOUR STRAND BRAIDING!!!! i have been on the lookout for years - thankyou thankyouthankyou!!!

    i'll take a look at the video later - my nephew dances ballet, i sense a forward coming on - :) take care and have fun! stpeh

  4. well this just proves one of my favorite sayings, that all of us TOGETHER are smarter than all of us one at a time... It never occurred to me that this odd bit of handwork skill I learned as a child was so uncommon, but I am glad I thought to post about it! There is another sort of four strand braiding that makes a flat braid, maybe more than one...