Thursday, February 27, 2014

new tricks for an old dog

in which our plucky heroine is pleased to learn some new things to do with string...

Whilst en route to Adiantum Midwinters, after I somehow misplaced my necessary sewing thimble somewhere in the car, Jess very kindly lent me both spare yarn and needles and a looksee through her book of Turkish knitting patterns... by the end of the weekend I made this knitted patterned drawstring pouch, which then somehow jumped into an almost exhausted blue dyebath here at Acorn Cottage this week, turning the bright lime green yarn a softer shade. I might not have managed to take classes at the event, but learned three new knitting techniques on the road trip...
This pattern is making me very happy, (three rows actual colorwork alternating with two rows plain knit) the effect is all out of proportion with the effort involved, and will be a good choice for my future use-up-all-the-random-skiens cardigan!

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