Wednesday, March 5, 2014

wishful wednesday - or the loss of baby bear's dishes...

I am a flake. I have been looking everywhere for weeks for my feast gear, missing since 12th Night... I found it yesterday. Along with an assortment of former citrus fruit, now green furry compost. My very favorite deep wooden bowl and small trencher were in the bag along with the mold farm. I am certain they cannot be restored to food safety. I am a sad flake, having both foolish attachments to inanimate objects that fulfill specific design niches in ways that made me very happy, and foolish resistance to change. While I may be able to find some other dishes suitable for eventing here at Acorn Cottage, there are none so "just right"...


  1. oh hell.

    i've found that stuff like this just happens, no matter how much you try to be alert and anal. : ( it still sucks, even tho if we were all glowing, enlightened beings i'm sure we'd rise above it or see some deep profound meaning in it all......tho if we were glowing, enlightened beings i doubt we'd be hanging here in planet earth!!

    not much wisdom here, but a sympathetic hug i can do. (and if your hamster starts gaining weight, well, he's so darn cute i can't help it!!!) take care sweetie and enjoy the flowers, steph

  2. So glad to hear from you Steph, after your adventures in medical-land I have been sending good thoughts your direction... glad that little hamster is amusing, and I am indeed enjoying the various springtime bulbs all round about - must remember to take the camera out for a spin to share the beauty...

  3. Stuff is starting to bloom in Seattle - crocus, daffodils, and flowering plums! Our tree has not burst forth yet. But it is ready. And rhododendrons are not far behind. It's sad about the dishes. If you never used them they would be in perfect shape. But they had their very useful life and you got the pleasure of using them. And sometimes we just forget where we put stuff. It just happens. What's a gal to do? Just move along and other useful things will fall into place.

  4. If you haven't already thrown your woodenware out, you should be able to clean them enough to eat from again. Wood is naturally antibacterial. Just scrub well and refinish if desired with food-safe oil or wax or leave natural. Any remaining stains are just an esthetic problem and would have to be sanded out if you want to get rid of them entirely but they won't kill you! I've accidentally done this myself with bowls made by my woodturner husband. Mould happens!