Tuesday, August 27, 2013

tenday trip: the wedding shindig

in which our plucky heroine revisits the scene of a prior wedding, in order to be the Crone of Honor in the second wedding of my old friends Beth and Karen...

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Their first marriage was thirteen years ago, and now that Washington State recognises same sex marriage, they wanted to renew their vows and make it legal. They are just as committed to each other as they were back then.

The two "aunties" with Ceilidh, Karen's niece, who they have been raising since she was five. At their first wedding, Ceilidh was a flower girl...

Ceilidh, the Maiden of Honor, Mindy the Matron of Honor, and our plucky heroine, the Crone of Honor...

Adorable flower girls!! Elli, the brunette, and Laurel the blonde. Elli is daughter to Heather, who was a flower girl at the first wedding, Laurel is daughter to Mindy the Matron of Honor and a longtime friend of the family

Heather, mother of Elli, and daughter of my own dear and oldest friend Sharon; I've known Sharon for over forty years, and Heather her whole life...

The amazing Mindy, woman of many talents and incredible enthusiasm and kindness.

Mindy's husband Bill was the celebrant of the ceremony, here he looks most dapper...

Beth and Karen looking a bit less formal. They each made their wedding clothes, all handstitched, in the Alabama Chanin style of stenciled, embroidered, reverse applique. They created unique and personal designs for each of them

The bodice front on Beth's dress

A smaller motif on the center back of the bodice

Elaborate floral motifs along the hemline

I only managed to catch a small part of the tree-of-life on Karen's shirt, but I really like the way she varied the leaves, some stencilled and some just embroidered (she also embroidered a label inside the shirt that read "something blue in blue floss, very traditional to have for a wedding, which amused me when she shared that bit of information)

Beth also made a shirt for Mindy (the Matron of Honor), with some sweet little mice in love

While I have more than once been at a wedding where there were some handmade decorations and home cooked food, this is the first wedding I've been to where so much of the clothing was also handmade. My own bluerose pinafore was also made in the Alabama Chanin style...


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