Tuesday, August 6, 2013

some Tuesday tidbits

on Thursday last, my friends from Olympia came down here for the East West : Hammered Object show; Cathy wore the pomegranate tee shirt I made for her...


The show, in two locations, has ever-so-many spectacular hammered metal artifacts, and it is well worth your time, for them what like that sort of thing, which our plucky heroine definitely does... First we went to the part of the show that was in the downstairs of the Museum of Contemporary Craft:

Upstairs at the museum was the interactive sculpture Soundforge, and it was a great deal of fun, if rather noisy, to play with the various wooden hammers upon the forged metal pieces. The museum rarely has hands-on interactive exhibits, and the sounds created as assorted folks hammered away were most reminiscent of gamelan music, if much less precise and elaborate!

a wide assortment of wooden hammers

We all took a break for dinner at the nearby Sushi Ichiban, then headed over to Waterstone Gallery where the majority of the artifacts, and many of the artists were as well. There were many beautiful things to see (and unusual Japanese agar based tidbits as gallery snacks)

One of the oddest comments was from a woman who, on seeing the case full of Western and Eastern metalworking tools and hammers, asked her companion if those were "musical instruments"! I suspect that she had been to the other half of the show previously, but really folks, hammers are usually tools, and these were labeled clearly as such.

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