Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday snippets

Pomegranate tee shirt completed... the sleeve and bottom hemlines were all turned and featherstitched, the neckline was edgebound and featherstitched. Using the variegated topstitching thread added another fairly subtle aspect that is quite pleasing. I like that the thread is a strong long-staple cotton, and that the thread is manufactured in Italy, it has a matte finish, which means it is just a little more difficult to use than the polished finish on C&C Button-and-Carpet thread, but the extra visual richness is worth it.

Natural dyeing with Harlequin Glorybower aka Clerodendrum tricotomum... Gosh! I have this plant growing in my yard. It has only ever had a very few blossoms so far, but there are others around Portland. I planted it for the incredibly paradisaical fragrance of the flowers. Well apparently it is used as a dyestuff in Japan, and those lovely metallic blue berries are used as "the other blue dye".

a few years back, someone, I think Leiutgard, gave me some woven acorn ribbon with very odd edges*, and this seemed like a good use for it. The edges are being wrapped with a doubled layer of tricot to smooth them, and the ribbon will be nicely non-stretch. Project BH does not need bouncy straps!

Project BH - XP1** stitched and evaluated... as suspected, needs work. Basic pattern shapes semi-effective, volume control close. Will be adapting two of the basic pattern pieces, and have just realised this morning that I also made some errors with the added seam allowances that had a negative impact on certain vital structural components. In addition, trial mockup fabric is too flimsy, requiring edges to be padded... not sure where to go with this, possibly try actual muslin rather than nylon tricot? However, this weekend is dedicated to studio work instead of obsession/personal sewing, so plucky heroine will be slaving away in front of a hot kiln instead of a sewing machine!

* I think the edges were cut with a hotknife, since they are somewhat rough and stiff

**am currently engrossed in pattern development to create my own "pretty" bras that actually fit the girls, hence the name: Project Boulder-Holder. XP = ExPerimental patterning, version 1, 2, etc...


  1. I love your "science lab" shorthand for your amazing lingerie project! And I am really looking forward to seeing your sewing gizmo charm piece! I love a good themed piece of work!

    My big news is that we bought a house! Our house in San Diego sold on Thursday and Friday we made an offer on a house and Saturday we agreed to the counter offer and signed on the (many) dotted lines. We won't move in until Oct - it needs some work after the seller moves out. But it's a sturdy little 1954 house, and looks like the Jetsons probably lived there before they took up residence in their space ship!

  2. Oh Claire I am so happy for you that you have a house now, even if you can't move in yet. My own dear Acorn Cottage is also a fifties house, but not very space age, just plain... I am excited to be moving forward on the sewing charm pendant, and really glad to have been kicked into realising that graver are not just for metal! Soooo much easier to make lines on the bone with gravers than with a sharp knife! Now I have only to make the enameled charm, and the fabricated charm, and come up with a way to attach the thread spool, and it will all come together! Certainly in the next month or so...

  3. I confess that the house we bought looks a lot like the house I grew up in and some of my friends' houses too. I look at engraved pieces and also consider that possibility. I don't think I'm ready to do that yet, but sometime I'll take up my graver and being scratching! Your sewing charm necklace is making me think of my tiny collections of things that should live together in a piece!