Tuesday, August 6, 2013

more Tuesday tidbits

our plucky heroine saw so many interesting pieces in the East West : The Hammered Metal Object show...

there was quite a range of styles and techniques

the juxtaposition of forged metal and delicate blackwork embroidery

applied texture - polychrome fabrication

exquisite repousse in foliated designs

sculptural forms in lively radial design

precise inlay and onlay

a step by step example of raising a teapot from a single sheet of metal

this is not an abalone shell, this is a sculpture of an abalone, made from copper.


on Saturday afternoon, Bill spent several hours on my front porch, working on class homework for the workshop he was attending that weekend: "Traditional Japanese Wire Inlay Workshop with Master Satoshi Hara". By sending the students home to continue working in the evening, they were able to learn even more technical knowledge the next day. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the process when next I talk with Bill... I spent that evening working on an enameled regalia order currently in process...


  1. I loved the goblets. They don't have metalcraft that I've seen but there is an art institute in Broad Ripple (artist area of Indianapolis) that has a workshop for stone sculpture that is amazing to see.

  2. Oooo stone sculpture! There is another artist that lives in Mud Bay, near my Olympia pals, that does a lot of stone sculpture, and my friend Bill has done some of that, as well as also making forged stonecarving tools for other artists... Bill gifted me with a sculpture of an acorn and oakleaf that sits next to my front door