Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Autumn 6PAC - the checkered lace tee shirt

I think that this is a first for me, to have completed one thing for my 6PAC before the end of the first month... of course, it is a pretty simple project - the checkered lace tee shirt:
This is how I will be wearing it later this month, at the outdoor wedding... It works perfectly to visually cover my shoulders and upper arms, but will still allow any cooling breeze to find me. I had to lighten the photo quite a bit, since black on black just doesn't show up well on camera. My bluerose pinafore with the Alabama Chanin style applique and beading will coordinate with the rest of the wedding party, who will all also be wearing clothing made in that style.

Oh... I almost forgot something important: my hat!
Can't go to a sunny outdoor wedding without it...

I cut the neckline rather lower than I usually do, after reading about "finding the balance point" and where the best depth is for either a necklace or the lower edge of the neckline. I did my best to find the spot that was the same length from my chin to the binding as from my hairline to my chin. (and I think that I will forgo wearing a necklace and instead choose some more decorative and elaborate earrings, the neckline looks better, I think, without a pendant - interesting how seeing a photo gives a different perspective than just looking in the mirror)


  1. I really like the lower neckline,it's very becoming on you.I feel like I can see more of your face somehow.

  2. I think the new neckline depth is really good on you. Maybe just a *hair* wider would be nice too. and a wedding party in Alabama Chanin inspired clothing! Please may we see pictures? pretty please?

  3. Thank you Rois, and welcome to Acorn Cottage and thanks suzeyque. I plan on taking my camera with me, so there will be (hopefully) pictures of the wedding party, once the wedding actually takes place!