Monday, July 1, 2013

not June gloom...

in which our plucky heroine realises she has been a busy bee in the month of June, despite (her own) opinions to the contrary...

There has been far too much unrelenting heat this month, unlike the usual "June gloom" which pairs gentle grey mornings and soft sunshiney afternoons... Yesterday was close to 100F, and inside Acorn Cottage it was still over 80 at 1AM. Here's hoping this is not a precursor to hotter weather later in the summer.

An orange cephalopodian tee shirt for J was completed, with all the seams handstitched, and all the edges embroidered... this particular project took about two weeks from idea to finished object; about a week to cut the stencil and the same for handstitching (done in small chunks of time, not 24/7)

Stencil design applied to neckline of red tee shirt for C (next modern handwork project). Since the idea is to have the design continuous around the neck edge, the various parts of the shirt need to be stitched together before the stenciling is done, and since this shirt will have reverse applique details, it seemed prudent to machine stitch said seams, since they will be cut through in places (unlike the octopus shirt, with the design stencil-painted but not reverse applique; variety is good)

The color is a little off here, since I took the picture at night in the kitchen... the red is really a bit darker, more burgundy, and the painted areas are dark brown, not black... Once the paint is dry for 24 hrs, it can be heat set, another layer of jersey fabric can be basted underneath, and it will be ready to have the design details handstitched. More good travel/transit handwork...

A number of years ago, when I was first learning about freezer paper stenciling, I used that technique to print this silhouette  (a free download from Ottobre Designs) on some dark brown fabric, which immediately came to mind as inspiration when S suggested a stag for embroidery on her new tunic. Of course, this image is Much Too Large, being almost a foot across..., I re-sketched it in a more suitable size to fit one on either side of the front, facing each other. It will be a lot of fun to embroider! My plan is to actually stencil it very faintly onto the solid fabric to transfer the design, then outline in embroidery.

Topological puzzle solved successfully... The upper pad is memory foam salvage, held together with internal baffles stitched inside flannel "skin", the lower pad is three "cushions" of dense foam + egg crate foam, covered and hinged together to fold/stack... a new upgraded tourney bed, just add pillows and bedding...aside from the new dense foam bottom layer, purchased 'specially for this project, all the materials were from stash... I might have a house full of too much stuff, but times like this, it sure comes in handy

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  1. Well, what can I say, I love the cephalopod shirt ornamentation! Almost nothing can beat a good cephalopod!

    How busy you were in June! well done!!