Wednesday, July 3, 2013

low tech : high function

...or, an assortment of Tuesday tidbits...

one easy way to make multiple images for freezer paper stencils, is to simply pin together more than one layer of freezer paper before cutting the design. For this particular project, since I want there to be mirrored identical images, simply folding the freezer paper back to back will do the trick

Below is a closer view of the partially cut stencils, showing the multiple layers. I have done up to four or five layers this way; it is needful to be certain of a very sharp blade in that case.

Are you tired of my process picture yet?... here you can see the stencil designs painted in with a light layer of dark green. Before ironing the stencils into place, I carefully ironed creases into the front yoke to help locate the stags evenly placed.

Now this project is ready to be embroidered, in several shades of lighter, brighter greens. I'm thinking a couched outline, and some kind of openwork filler stitchery in the body...

Not sure where I first ran across the idea of a salad table, but the older I get, the more appealing the idea becomes. I have the materials to do this, save the growing media which would need to be acquired... and I have the very basic skills to build this. If I made it a little smaller, it would be something that could be another small gateway into food here. Am tempted to build one that is narrower, and place it on the front porch, which would be that "shady in the summer sunny in the winter zone and be very easy to keep watered! To go along with increasing the food growing capacity, it would be an excellent idea to increase water handling/storage. Whilst there is already a lovely marble-lock siphon on hand, this rainbarrel pump looks like a good "one is none and two is one" way to get water out of the rainbarrels

...came home from errands yesterday to find that LoneChicken seems to have died, possibly from the heat. She had been behaving somewhat oddly for a while, since the OtherHen was taken by a raccoon. Hiding in the chicken house, not coming over to the fence for treats... I know that some folks on the Urban Chicken list forcibly dampen their hens in hot weather, but since LoneChicken was not tame, chasing after her with a spray bottle wouldn't have helped her, or me... I do know that my next iteration of Chicken House will be smaller and more easily moved, so as to be able to place it in the deeper shade in the summertime. I also think that perhaps some way to build a chicken pen that is the size/shape of the raised beds I want to grow might be clever, I remember reading about this somewhere in a website on remediation through agriculture... there is such a difference between the fertility of the soil in the backyard, and in the front yard...


  1. That salad table is really a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing your version. I see it as a manageable garden with no need to bend over! And I'm sorry to hear that your livestock didn't survive the heat. I also cannot imagine you chasing an untamed chicken around the yard with a sprayer bottle!

    Finally, I adore your deer facing each other!! I do love a good deer image, and when I travel across state lines I get a kick out of the differing images I see on "Deer Zone" road signs.

    You sound good in this post! (Despite references to chicken murder and chicken illness)! Have a good day - up here in Edmonds it has cooled off and is beautiful!


  2. Claire - I have many more ideas than I have stamina to make happen, and am doing my best to both move forward on things and also to write down my ideas so that once the weather is less overwhelming, I can possibly do more...the heat here really has me flattened, I have had a hard time in sunshiney weather even when it is not hot, pretty much my whole life. I try and not have my entire blog be a whinge-a-thon :)

  3. I am with you on the heat. If I live in a hot place I require AC. If I live in a place that isn't hot but gets hot once in awhile I need fans! And cooling clothes on the back of my neck. And I get so cranky I must be alone. . . it's really terrible. Ha! You are honest. Honest news reporting isn't really whining. And the two deer facing each other are excellent!!! Today a friend is coming over for a sewing bee! In the basement!