Sunday, June 30, 2013

topological sewing puzzle

in which our plucky heroine attempts a level 2 challenge...

There was this extra memory foam* and it seemed like a good idea to make another soft cushion to put atop the new folding foam tourney bed... yes I know it is not as long/wide as the undercushion, but it will be enough to add extra padding under my curvy bits, which will make sleeping on the ground a lot more bearable. The challenge is to make a cover for the foam remnants that will hold them together well. I decided on some kind of cover with internal baffles, and have been stitching away on this tonight, now that it is cool enough that my brain function has returned. I have never actually created anything with internal baffles before... hence the level 2 of this particular project... basic folding tourney bed is level 1

* the memory foam bed topper that I ordered was actually too big for the bed, and required cutting off about seven inches in width and length...

image from Kimchi Cuddles

A year ago I was wondering why I felt so worried about my relationship, why there were no messages, and kept telling myself that he was busy in his own life, that it was merely unreasonable fears that were shadows from my own past. It has been almost a year now, since G chose to leave. It might not have been forever, but there was a lot of joy and wonder in the year and a half we did have. Girl is grateful for the good, and sorrowful it had to end, but has no regrets. There are and were many memories of adventure and experience that shine brightly in my mind still, that are wealth no one can take away. Do folks who fortune allows that kind of togetherness more daily, still cherish the wonder? I surely hope so...

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