Friday, December 21, 2012

hippo birdy

I woke up this morning from an extraordinarily vivid dream about being taught how to throw a boomerang ?!?

It was a day... the good parts were hearing my parents both sing me Happy Birthday, and hearing my sister and her husband sing me Happy Birthday, and getting a phone message whilst I was away from home with my dear Menagerie pals (including Toshi the Wonder Pup) singing me Happy Birthday. There were a number of sweet pictorials and messages online. My Sekrit Santa Swap gift was sitting on the porch when I came home, and thankfully it was not rain-soaked.

Mostly I spent the day by myself, went to work, went grocery shopping (that was nice, one of the cashiers I'd not seen in a long time asked after my health - they remember me, and girl will take all the kindly intended thoughts offered), drove some friends to the airport, came home and cooked a few treats for supper... Splurged on a wee portion of fresh salmon, which was right tasty with some roasted cauliflower and a few slices of polenta. Spent most of the day reminding myself that every day above ground is a good day, and that it was good fortune to have had even for a time a heart-connection with someone else... more than many folks ever have... I am still here in the bright world, even with the ongoing physical challenges that this year has left me with, it is still a world with beauty and kindness that counterbalance all that the dark puts out to oppose it, the light will return...

Headed into the workroom after dinner to get the goutte/jambe setting underway, and Gah! Busy girl forgot that there was a kettle heating on the stove for tea, and the dang thing didn't whistle, but merely burnt up, as in the water boiled out, the burner kept heating until it melted the enamel onto the front burner... I only noticed when there was a bad smell... now I need a new burner ($$). The teakettle was a housewarming gift eight years ago, not sure I should replace it with another of the same, but a teakettle of some sort is necessary useful. I'd like to find one that was stainless steel, not enamel, and one with an easier to clean interior, maybe at one of the Asian markets or the restaurant supply shops downtown...

Our plucky heroine has had enough of the drama and trauma in the last year; and surely hopes that the year to come has more of joy and humor and friendship and love in it, for me and for all the world round, we sure could use it...


  1. I am going to say Happy New Year! And really really mean it! Out with the old, in with the new!

    Also, many happy returns of your birthday.

    And it's a damn shame about the tea kettle. I have done that same thing myself, except it was burned copper on the stove burner. Now I have one of those things that plugs in and turns itself off. I am too distracted to use a stove tea kettle!

    1. Thank you Claire for your happy wishes!

      As far as the teakettle, in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal, other than a wakeup call to not leave the kitchen when things are on the stove... My pal Silverdale Karen is going to bring me the stainless teakettle that her late husband used, since she, like you, now uses one of the automatic ones. I will enjoy having it, as her husband was a dear friend who is greatly missed by our entire circle of friends.

  2. According to my dream book- throwing a boomerang is kind of like that what you put out is what comes back phrase.Makes lots of sense to me.Might be a good one since you are always putting out good vibes towards others.

    1. That is an interesting thought, it was just such an ODD thing to have in a dream...