Sunday, November 18, 2012

weekend tidbits which our plucky heroine learned a new skill: forming circles of fabric into round buttons. Our clever ancestors figured this one out centuries ago, and it was surprisingly fast to do. There are some online tutorials here and here. I can think of various kinds of garment embellishment that might call for these tiny textile spheres.

After the work party, in which many hands made light work of making dozens of these buttons for a worthy cause, some of us took a field trip to Washougal to the Pendelton outlet, where E found a roll of lovely black worsted wool twill, 16 yards at $2 a yard! On the way back to the car, looked south from the parking lot and saw this walkway tunnel. Sometime when it is not pouring rain and my companions and I have more time, I want to see where it leads. Obviously from the location and the inscription, it must go to the River.

We also stopped at Fabric Depot before calling it an afternoon. The only bits that followed me home were a few spools of grey thread for the future decorative stitching on the black linen shirt, to complement the artistic buttons that Jen made for me, and a roll of "steam a seam lite" to give a try to some of the placement techniques that Steph mentions in her blog post on using fusible tape

It is really difficult to photograph a picture when there is glass in the frame, without it acting like a mirror. A few years ago, my pal C gave me this vintage-esque mermaid card, which I've always intended to include with my bathroom water-theme artwork. Finally tonight I made a double mat and framed it; the outer layer of the mat is covered in a scrap of very vintage wallpaper; to me the squiggles and dots look rather like seaweed and bubbles...


  1. The wallpaper looks like a wonderfully coordinated accent, color and design wise.

  2. I suspect that the wallpaper is from the forties or fifties; the mermaid image is, I believe, a book illustration from the teens or twenties. The synchronicity of serendipitous design makes me all kinds of happy

  3. You really should do a book of all this. It's fascinating to see how you bring the past and the present to life.

  4. Thanks for sharing the button tutorial links. I'll be trying them out. Can you share what will be made from the buttons in your photo?

    Your mermaid picture turned out wonderful. The mat is a great match for the postcard.