Sunday, November 18, 2012

not just more of the same ?

In which our plucky heroine wonders "am I becoming boring? has this turned from the cancer and heartbreak channel to all sewing all home decor all the time? Do I even care?"...

Life remains challenging, since walking is still dicey and extremely painful. I need to find a different way to earn my daily bread, as housecleaning becomes more difficult, and have no clue what direction to take. SO rather than turning into the all whingeing all the time station, focus shifts to what seems doable and positive. Our culture continues in the Long Descent, and with luck and care I may survive long enough to die of becoming old, hopefully not in the immediate future. It requires a strong hand on the scruff of the neck to turn the mind away from such discouragement.

How much more pleasant and hopeful to paint the walls in cheering color and pattern, or to plan out new clothing to sew, to replace threadbare worn-to-a-raveling old clothes. There has been a discussion thread over on Stitchers Guild about fabric stashes, and using them up. While I am certainly one with more fabric than sense, having a stash is quite useful, since I sew almost everything I wear except shoes and socks. Gathered when times were more flush, the fabric now enables me to replenish my wardrobe by "shopping the stash" instead of the stores, a kind of textile equivalent of "being prepared". One comment in a discussion with friends this afternoon compared fabric stash to an IRA; deposits were made ahead, to have the "wealth" available later when resources were less.

As I've somehow lost all desire to work on the grey corduroy vest that is cut out and sitting on the sewing machine, I am revising my winter 6PAC plans...
pants - dk neutral
::: black V8499
top - dk neutral
::: black TNT t-shirt, mixed grey reverse applique
top - complement
::: indigo jersey Teagarden T
outer layer - dk neutral
::: black wool vest ?
outer layer - complement
::: finish the UFO pinafore...
coat - dk neutral
::: something black ???

The weather here is now winterdamp, and pants make a good underlayer for dresses. The black/grey shirt is coming along well, I have cut out all the pieces and have them set aside in what evjc calls a "sewing kit"; I am eagerly working away at the handstitching so as to be able to stitch it all together soon. Making up a Teagarden T will let me adjust the pattern I have to my current size/shape, and I've a whole jersey sheet in dark blue to play with for a wearable muslin. The UFO pinafore just needs pockets and it will be finished. I've been curious about the kind of vest made from one piece, with two arm slits or ovals cut, and the top edge folded over. There was one featured in Threads a while back, as well as this version here online. I need to find the right sort of remnant fabric in my collection that is warm and drapey, hopefully some kind of twill, as I've been advised that melton cloth is not appropriate


  1. You are continually inspiring, whether decorating, designing, or overcoming.
    Hoping for doors to open and new paths to follow.


  2. Allison,
    I love reading about your homey work and find you an inspiration in all areas! Please do continue on.
    When I was young and away from home first in basic training and then in Europe, my mother would write me letters and include bits about hanging laundry to dry, putting the summer harvest by, the smell of freshly mown lawns. To my homesick self this was the sweetest balm. Your posts here carry a similar feel. I am sure I cannot be the only reader who feels this way!
    Please send some of your rain Kansas way...